ChangeTip: A Bitcoin Love Button for the Internet

Giulio Prisco @giulioprisco
October 12, 2014

ChangeTip wants to be “a Love button for the Internet,” a simple way to show appreciation with a micropayment in Bitcoin.

ChangeTip lives on the social networks that we all use every day so that your tip could trigger a viral avalanche of micropayments to a worthy person, or cause, and make a difference.

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When a Like isn’t enough, mention @changetip and an amount to show your appreciation, and they will send a Bitcoin tip to destination. Anytime you want to reward someone, all you have to do is mention Changetip and an amount, and they’ll take care of the transaction. For example:

Twitter: “Great shot, @amazingphotos! I always love the pictures you post. Have a beer on me! @changetip”

Reddit comment to a post by the person you want to tip: “Great post! Here’s two coffees on me u/changetip”

Tipping on other social networks works in a similar way. In the examples above “a beer” and “two coffees” indicate predefined tips, for example “beer” means $3.50. You can also use literal amounts (e.g. $1). At this moment ChangeTip supports Twitter, Reddit, Github, Google+, Youtube, Tumblr, and Stocktwits. Facebook is still missing, hopefully not for long.

ChangeTip created a system of robots that search for the name “ChangeTip” when mentioned across different social networks. When a robot hears its name, it parses the message and delivers the indicated amount from the sender’s wallet to the receiver’s.

To start using ChangeTip, just sign up, connect your social network accounts, create and fund a ChangeTip wallet. Users are identified by their social network id. If you send a tip to a social network profile that isn’t a ChangeTip user, they will be invited to join and claim the tip. Unclaimed tips are returned to the sender after a week.

I think ChangeTip does a good job at simplifying (even more) Bitcoin micropayments, and making them social and possibly viral. A similar project called Flattr, which doesn’t use Bitcoin, has been around for some years but never became very popular.

Recently the ChangeTip team introduced their newest feature: Tip.Me. With a personalized Tip.Me domain, it’s easy to collect tips across the web. Simply share your URL anywhere you’d normally post a Bitcoin address and let the tips roll in.

Images from ChangeTip and Shutterstock.

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