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Chance the Rapper Proves the Anti-Kanye Left Is Less Woke Than It Thinks

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:03 PM
Aaron Weaver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:03 PM
  • Chance the Rapper asked Twitter on Monday why voting for Kanye West was worse than voting for Joe Biden.
  • Liberals were not happy with the Chicago rapper for trying to ‘divide the party.’
  • Chance, the ‘woke’ rapper, is feeling the heat of becoming too woke, too fast.

How quickly the tides turn. Chance the Rapper recently made it into the ‘woke’ Hall of Fame for defending female rapper noname. 

His cheerleaders have just replaced their pom-poms with pitchforks.

Why? Because Chance raised a completely logical question. Why would Joe Biden be any better than Kanye West?

Chacne the Rapper
Kanye just got a Chance. | Source: Twitter 

Today, he’s getting roasted for the same thing he criticized rapper J.Cole of less than a month ago.

Chance the Rapper Was a Champion of the Left

If you were to visit Chance the Rapper’s Twitter feed about a month ago, you’d swear he drank every bit of Kool-Aid the far-Left had to offer.

Rapper J. Cole just released the track “Snow on Tha Bluff.” J.Cole expressed his feelings of inadequacy during the Black Lives Matter protests, compared to an unnamed female rapper that most assumed was noname.

J Cole
J. Cole addresses the drama that followed his song. | Source: Twitter 

His essential message was, ‘I’m old. Can you help catch me up on the current issues before shaming me?’

Chance the Rapper interpreted it differently:

Chance the Rapper
Rappers are getting that 2020 vision. | Source: Twitter 

After nailing the woke buzzwords, Chance was praised for bringing a new level of consciousness to the artform.

But that was almost a month ago…

Now He’s an Enemy of the Agenda

Since Chance the Rapper decided to passively defend Kanye West’s presidential bid, those who championed him are now attacking him.

Liberals are in disbelief. | Source: Twitter 

Some people just thought he was rich and ignorant:

Chance the Rapper
A Chloe comes in hot. | Source: Twitter 

Some believed he was straight-up dangerous:

Chance the Rapper
Now he’s a clown. | Source: Twitter 

But what exactly did he do? He asked questions. Just like J.Cole, he put his ignorance out there as a conversation starter, and the Left is trying to burn him to the ground.

They’re not trying to gently educate an ally, as J.Cole requested.

They’re trying to shame him into submission, or outright cancel him.

And they’re coming down for one simple reason.

Chance the Rapper made a good point.

Kanye West Could be Better Than Joe Biden

Chance concluded that most voters simply trusted Joe Biden over Kanye West.

Chance the Rapper
Chance the Rapper understands now, but he’s still not submitting. | Source: Twitter 

But he did not agree. And why should he?

He actually knows Kanye West well. Both rappers came up from Chicago, and Kanye helped launch Chance’s career.

But associations aside, Kanye West isn’t so bad.

Sure, he’s pro-life, anti-vaccine, and generally doesn’t know much about politics.

But Joe Biden has been accused of sexual assault. He pressured Ronald Reagan to ramp up mass incarceration,  then hilariously said that black people should vote for him. And most importantly, Biden seems to be losing cognitive function.

Kanye is not a good option. Joe Biden is not a good option. Is it possible that Kanye West is not quite as bad? Yes, it is. As far as threats go, Kanye’s not even running as a Democrat.

The problem with Chance the Rapper isn’t that he’s no longer ‘woke’ enough. It’s that true ‘wokeness’ sometimes means asking questions that seem dumb.

Let’s see if the Left shames another person to the other side.

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