In a recent interview with CryptoCoinsNews, Seedcoin CEO Eddy Travia gave us some useful previsions about the functionality and the roadmap of Jetcoin, the first coin sponsoring a football team that Seedcoin is incubating. Learn more about this promising and disruptive coin!


CCN: Hello Eddy, and thank you very much for accepting this interview with CryptoCoinsNews. Let’s start with the question on everybody’s lips: What is Jetcoin?

First, let me quote Jetcoin’s introduction on our Facebook page:

« Jetcoin is a new digital token issued by the Jetcoin Institute. Jetcoin is a digital loyalty coin for sports fans, enabling them to get rewards from their passion and privileged access to their favorite athletes. Jetcoin Institute is working with partner teams, brands and service providers to offer exclusive deals to jetcoin holders. Jetcoin will sponsor Italian Serie A club A.C. ChievoVerona, making it the first pro football team to be sponsored by a cryptocurrency. »

As a loyalty coin, Jetcoin is more a digital asset based on an existing blockchain than a stand alone altcoin. We plan to distribute jetcoins to team’s players, as well as fans and anyone who registers on . We will establish new and dynamic channels of interaction between fans and athletes, with exclusive content (especially video content), which will be accessible to the jetcoins holders through a partnership with Samsung Sportsflow.

Jetcoin and its burgeoning ecosystem should benefit from the huge visibility offered by AC ChievoVerona players wearing Jetcoin-branded during their serie A matches.
Although Jetcoin plans to issue a loyalty coin at first, plan is to move into crypto 2.0 projects involving existing or in-development solutions notably in the smart contracts space. Jetcoin Institute is open to consider tech partners to jointly develop these solutions. Jetcoin hopes that the entire crypto-world will benefit from its exposure in popular sports like football and more to come.

In addition, several synergistic relationships with crypto startups will be possible, particularly with the Seedcoin startups : club shops offering team branded goods in jetcoins thanks to payment processor CryptoPay, and fans storing and managing their jetcoins on a Hive wallet.

CCN: What led Seedcoin to the field of sports sponsorship? Hasn’t Seedcoin, for a long time, favored wallets and Bitcoin exchanges?

We were looking for a way to reach as many people as possible. Football is one of the few sports to permeate all social classes of the society and the European teams have fans all over the world. In my opinion, the next step in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mass adoption should be done via mass communication, football offers a great platform for bitcoin and other crypto-currencies.

CCN: Being a Hong Kongkenese incubator with a mainly Asian sphere of influence has not been a problem for you, considering the sponsorship is of a European football team?

The keys to widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies are Awareness, Usability and Education. Furthermore, sports sponsorship is a very efficient means of promotion for any business that seeks to achieve scale. Sports is approximately a $500Bn industry (2011 figure : $450Bn according to this study) and Football (soccer) is the king of the sports events market’.

CCN: What will be the next step for both Jetcoin and SeedCoin?

Jetcoin Institute has an ambitious agenda for the future of jetcoin. In early 2015, the plan is to move on to step two with the objective to place players’ and artists’ contracts on the blockchain : we are looking at different solutions such as Ethereum, the Bitcoin blockchain and other smart contract technologies. The end goal is to help young sports champions brand and develop themselves. It will truly be a transition to a more individualized and transparent sponsorship ecosystem.

At Seedcoin we continue helping the startups funded earlier this year to which we have added Anonymous Ads (a bitcoin-centric online advertising network), Ignite Financing (a bitcoin ATM leasing company). Until we raise new funds we focus on providing advisory services and mentoring to the startup teams. We are still on the look out for new opportunities, specially startups solving real problems thanks to cryptocurrencies or the blockchain technology.

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