CEO of eGifter on Bitcoin Adoption, DISH and Business Models

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June 17, 2014 12:17 PM UTC

With all the news lately of companies like DISH and Expedia accepting Bitcoin payments, PayPal looking to accept it as well I was able to contact Tyler Roye, the CEO and Co-Founder of eGifter, to get his thoughts on it.
Things have been busy for eGifter as they were able to add Bitcoin payments back into their iOS app and now are selling Walmart cards again. In addition, they are offering 6% back on purchases of gift cards made with Bitcoin: no credit card can beat that.
Coinbase has stepped up to the plate as well. They have been making it easier than ever for retailers and even individuals to accept payments. They even have a system in place to allow for merchants to offer discounts if the customer pays in Bitcoin. So much innovation and acceptance has happened. Recently, I asked Tyler Roye what he thought about these developments how they have affected the industry. As always he had a keen insight into it all.

Could you tell me your perception of DISH’s announcement that it will begin accepting Bitcoin payments soon and how it will affect the crypto currency industry?

Any virtual currency adoption by a major company is a considerable step forward for mainstream commercialization, but acceptance of Bitcoin by a subscription-based company like DISH is an interesting display of Bitcoin’s potential as a digital innovation that goes beyond just “money” or currency.

For instance, while DISH has presently announced they’ve enabled manual transactions, they chose Coinbase to process the Bitcoin transactions, which has the capabilities to set up recurring debit charges– a logical next step for businesses with a subscription model.

DISH is the biggest businesses that we’ve seen so far to independently accept cryptocurrencies in the mainstream, but we’re also seeing cryptocoin acceptance expand into other industries, such as travel. Coinbase has recently partnered with to accept Bitcoin, and eGifter is also offering a Global Hotel Card powered by Orbitz for Litecoin and Dogecoin, as well as Bitcoin,

DISH Will Soon Accept Payments With Bitcoin

Do you and eGifter have any plans to accept payments for Dish or any other company in the future as it expands eGifter’s reach into every household? eGifter has the reach and the leverage to do this or even spin it off as its own branded unit.

As more consumers continue to adopt and look to spend digital currencies, eGifter expects these companies won’t be the only ones to step forward. The success eGifter is already seeing from accepting Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin for digital gift cards for major retailers demonstrates that consumers are ready and looking for ways to utilize a range of alternative payments.

Since businesses able to get ahead of these trends will stand a better chance of realizing revenue from early adopters, we are constantly considering strategic solutions for our retail partners.

Tyler gives insight into how big deals like DISH, Expiedia, Global Hotel Card and others are a positive step forward. He also outlines how companies like eGifter and Coinbase are key in making adoption simple and profitable for both the customers and the companies they are buying from with Bitcoin and crytocurrencies. It is an exciting time in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency world; I like learning the other side of it from Tyler when big things happen like the DISH deal.
Thanks again Tyler for the peek inside eGifter and the business end of Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies.

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