CCN Podcast Episode 6: Siacoin – A Decentralized Cloud Storage Platform


2-siacoinIn this episode, the Bitcoin price is struggling again.

We talk to the developers of Siacoin, a decentralized storage solution. The developers explain in this interview that they believe the coin can and the technology can actually compete with commercial storage solutions.

We’re looking to talk to as many altcoin teams as possible over the coming months. The older the coin, the sooner we’d like to run an interview with them. If you know developers of coins with growing or dedicated communities, please encourage them to get in touch with [email protected] We are not a Bitcoin-only site, despite the e-mails we’ve been receiving lately which accuse us of as much. The altcoin world is very hard to keep up, and we think it’s the responsibility of the respective communities to do newsworthy things in order to get on our radar. Or, in absence of that, to reach out.

Thanks for tuning in! The podcast runs every Wednesday and Friday. All feedback is greatly appreciated.

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