CartridgeWorld franchise owner accepts Bitcoins in Thessaloniki, Greece

Paul Carrozzo @USDBTC
December 8, 2013

The purest form of organic growth for bitcoin is each time a merchant begins accepting the currency. The process of accepting bitcoin should be memorialized every time it occurs. Here is the story from CartridgeWorld, a printer supply store in Greece:

Hi guys,
I would like to announce you that our central shop in the city of Thessaloniki, now accepts Bitcoins for payment. There are four shops in the town so we want to “beta test” the whole concept before we introduce this type of payment to the other shops in our town and furthermore to all other cities in Greece. So if you like to refill your ink & toner cartridges, and you would like to pay with Bitcoins, you can come to us. I would like to add that the store has a big variety of office supplies you can also get by paying in Bitcoins.
Thanks for your time! :)

By: intradayer on reddit

Pictures of the Shop

Cartridge World Homepage

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Paul Carrozzo @USDBTC

Digital currency will do to finance what the microscope did for science. The 2008 financial crisis undeniably created an environment for digital currency to be born. These new currencies offer us a better commerce solution and establish markets never before possible. Merchant acceptance is vital to overall success of the new paradigm. My goal is educate about the merits of this life changing technology.