Cappasity Launches CAPP Innovation Fund to Reward AR/VR Developers

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Get Exclusive Analysis and Investing Ideas of Future Assets on Join the community today and get up to $400 in discount by using the code: "CCN+Hacked". Sign up here.

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Cappasity, a Santa Clara based tech start-up with designs on revolutionizing the AR/VR market, launched their cloud platform last year. Since then, the company has been empowering its clients, ranging from online retailers and luxury fashion brands (including Claris Virot and Jazmin Chebar) to educational institutions, to effortlessly capture, edit, and embed 3D content into their websites, mobile apps, and VR/AR applications. Cappasity’s software, Easy 3D Scan, has been developed and is constantly being upgraded to be compatible with virtually any device, meaning that users have the ability to capture high-quality 3D views using standard photography equipment or even their own smartphones. In this manner, Cappasity is currently breaking down one of the key obstacles in the way of mainstream AR/VR adoption the relative expense and difficulty associated with creating top-quality 3D content on a large scale. At this point in time, the Cappasity platform serves more than one million views of 3D content each month. Cappasity are now working on the next phase: the expansion of their current platform into a scalable ecosystem for easy 3D content creation, delivery all over the globe, and complete copyright protection.

Through Cappasity’s ecosystem, digital artists, photographers and ordinary users will have the ability to create bespoke 3D assets and sell them directly to retailers, games developers, and other buyers, all via the ERC-20 CAPP token the exclusive payment vehicle within the ecosystem (now available on exchanges such as KuCoin). The CAPP tokens are also Cappasity’s digital asset, with their main utility being the creation of a digital license for the content stored on the Cappasity platform or partners’ platforms. The tokens enable the system to encode copyrights on the content to store them in the blockchain. In addition, Cappasity will provide users with an API to validate copyrights or retrieve data of a particular piece of content.Thus, the ecosystem participants are guaranteed that their copyrights are fully protected.

The intention is to completely prevent any copyright violations and to allow 3D content creators and users to tap directly into the market, cutting out the middleman and keeping costs down on both sides. Cappasity’s eventual goal is to develop the ecosystem, provide its participants with all necessary tools for the content creation and protect their copyrights. Moreover, the company plans to become an industrial standard to help support both the mass-adoption of 3D imagery and assets in online retail, and the AR/VR revolution within the mainstream gaming, entertainment and other industries.

However, for the ecosystem to reach its full potential, it will require a lot of talented developers to help drive the expansion. The more innovative and exciting developers Cappasity attract to their platform, the more retailers and content purchasers will want to buy in, which will in turn attract more accomplished content creators, and so on.

For this reason, Cappasity is making a priority out of supporting the developers that make use of their tools and are working to create the best possible conditions to drive the development of the ecosystem. For instance, Cappasity team is now working on Unity plugin so any developer could create 3D View content within a few minutes and integrate it into their apps.

As it is not always easy to embrace a brand-new tool, and to invest the time necessary to become familiar (let alone proficient) with it, the team are now investing in the Cappasity Innovation Fund as an incentive to help pioneers take the leap. Successful applicants will receive both a considerable financial injection (in CAPP) to help develop their project and marketing support immediately following their products’ release. In addition, they will be accelerating the expansion of the marketplace and creating further opportunities. Applicants will have access to the full suite of Cappasity’s tools and functionalities, including:

  • 3D View format – Cappasity’s signature format that allows anyone with a regular camera to create professional quality 3D images
  • 3D format import – Function that allows developers with an existing data set to their assets into the Cappasity ecosystem and continue their development
  • Mobile framework – Cappasity now allows users to seamlessly embed 3D content demonstrations directly into their mobile applications
  • JS Rest API – Cappasity’s flexible API that allows 3D images to be embedded into websites and applications (and can also be used to easily synchronize existing databases with Cappasity accounts)
  • SDK and plugins for Unity and Unreal Engine – development tools that allow account holders to use the 3D View format inside any applications that use these popular, industry-standard engines.

Candidates will need to fill out an application form outlining their project idea and justifying the amount of grant money requested. All applications will be reviewed by Cappasity’s advisory board, consisting of Angelo Del Priore, Partner at HP Tech Ventures; Henry Ines, Chief Innovation Officer at Shivom, Co-Founder & CIO at Decema; Anders Larsson, Vice President and Head of Network Products at Ericsson; Frank Holz, Director / Member Of The Board at Gawooni; Jayanand Sagar, CTO at NewsBTC; Joakim Holmer, Co-founder of LiveTourLAB; Jonathan Millet, CEO of NewsBTC; Mark Friedler, CEO of Gigex; and Yu Cao, Startup Explorer and Analyst at LVMH. Cappasity starts accepting applications in June.

The successful shortlist of projects will be put to a community vote and the top five projects will then receive the grant and marketing support from the team, which includes preeminent experts in the fields of computer vision, SaaS solutions, multi-platform 3D engine development, and marketing. The relevant information about Cappasity’s Innovation Fund can be found here: