Cappasity Introduces Global AR/VR Ecosystem through September ICO

The invention of the Internet ushered in monumental changes to the retail industry and the individual shopping experience. However, brick and mortar stores retained one major advantage over online storefronts: shoppers could carefully inspect products before purchasing them.

With the advent of virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR)  technology, that’s changing. More than 70% of customers believe VR/AR integration will improve the online shopping experience. VR/AR integration is simple with Cappasity, a cloud-based platform that allows online retailers to produce 3D images of their products in just 3 minutes without the need for expensive and complicated equipment.

How Cappasity Improves Retail Conversion Rates


Before Cappasity, 3D image creation was time-consuming and complicated, making it impractical for small retailers and stores with large catalogues. Consequently, businesses missed out on sales they could have otherwise converted.

Using Cappasity’s free Easy 3D Scan software, you can capture 3D views using standard photography equipment or even your smartphone.

“What our product is is a cloud platform for online retailers to create 3D images of their products very quickly and easily,” said Marianna Alshina, co-founder and business development at Cappasity, Santa Clara, California. “Conversion with 3D images goes up anywhere from 10 to 30 percent but they weren’t easy to create, so we saw a niche and we took advantage of it.”

Alshina told Vice News that businesses implementing Cappasity have seen impressive conversion rate increases:

We’ve seen a 5 to 40 percent increase in online conversion rates with 3D imagery, depending on the product and category.

Cappasity’s Global 3D Ecosystem & AR Token ICO

Now, Cappasity is introducing yet another innovation to the AR/VR space–a global ecosystem for 3D content creation and delivery. Using Cappasity’s AR/VR tool kits, anyone can submit 3D models to the blockchain-secured content base. Because the content base is stored in the blockchain, creators can safely protect and transfer their copyrights. After subscribing to the content base, businesses will be able to purchase and rent 3D content for a myriad of use cases, such as:

  •   Console & Mobile gaming
  •   Theme Parks & Amusement
  •   Media & Advertising
  •   Sports
  •   Music
  •   Automotive
  •   Education
  •   Medicine & Healthcare
  •   Industrial use, Factory operation

The ecosystem will be powered by a decentralized billing system and secured by the innovative (and transaction-fee free) EOS blockchain. The Cappasity platform’s native token will be the AR Token (ART), which businesses will use to subscribe, purchase, and rent 3D content and contributors will receive for uploading, selling, and renting original content.

The Cappasity AR Token ICO will begin in September and continue for four weeks. Funds raised will be used to create an AR/VR Innovation Fund to reward developers for creating excellent AR/VR applications. Participants can contribute using BTC, ETH, BCH, or EOS. Tokens will be issued as standard Ethereum tokens (ERC-20) but will be transferred into the EOS blockchain once it is functional.

Cappasity is the first platform to leverage blockchain technology to facilitate the creation and distribution of 3D content, so get in on the ground floor by joining Cappasity today and participating in the upcoming ICO. To learn more about Cappasity, visit the token sale website or view the announcement. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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