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Candace Owens Broke Her Own Rule by Attacking Harry Styles

Last Updated December 3, 2020 7:59 PM
Aaron Weaver
Last Updated December 3, 2020 7:59 PM
  • Outspoken political commentator Candance Owens is looking for attention again.
  • This time, she went after Harry Styles, who recently appeared on the cover of Vogue wearing a dress.
  • Owens wants more ‘manly men’ in the world, so maybe she should act more like a ‘proper woman.’

Candance Owens is not happy about Harry Styles breaking his gender roles.

So why is she doing the same exact thing?

Styles’ cover shot on Vogue is turning heads of all shapes and sizes. Owens, never one to pass up a good trolling opportunity, hit rabid One Direction fans where it hurts most: directly in the face of their most beloved member.

Harry Styles Takes a Risk

Harry Styles showed off a whole new style during his photo shoot with Vogue. Check out some of his more feminine choices:

Harry Styles
Harry is ready for the ball. | Source: Instagram 
Harry Styles
A pretty boy gets his own cover. | Source: Instagram 

But let’s not pretend like this is the first time Styles has dressed like a woman. Check out this photo of him from a year ago:

Harry Styles
Some things never change. | Source: Instagram 

We could call this ‘risqué’ but let’s be honest, it’s 2020. Gender, as a concept, hasn’t been this fluid since we were in the amoeba state.

But that hasn’t kept people like Candance Owens from trying to keep the rigid boxes in place.

Candace Owens Does What She Does Best

Opportunistic as ever, Candace Owens could not let this moment pass without pushing her face into the limelight. And she used her usual, contrarian tactics, calling for our society to “bring back manly men.”

Candace Owens
Candance Owens surprises no one with her ‘shocking’ take. | Source: Twitter 

She called the “steady feminization of our men” an “outright attack.” That’s a touch dramatic, no?

Here’s where Owens is especially conniving–she’s right.

Strong men are important. Now, let’s count the ways she’s wrong.

Candace Owens’ Logic Doesn’t Add Up

First of all, there’s no lack of strong men in America. They’re all over the country. Some have big trucks and beards, some are highly educated intellectuals, and some dress up as women. It takes a certain amount of ‘kahunas’ to break the gender norms.

Candace Owens should know that, as a strong, outspoken woman.

If we’re sticking so closely to traditional gender roles, shouldn’t Candace Owens just be silent and stay in her lane? In a world filled with nothing but ‘strong men,’ women were forced to play a submissive role in society.

She’s criticizing Harry Styles for breaking his gender norm while she’s doing the exact same thing.

She’s speaking up. She’s criticizing a man. That would never fly in the days when all men were supposed to be strong.

And of course, let’s not forget the absurdity of who she’s criticizing. Harry Styles is a musician. He’s an artist. Male musicians have been dressing up as women for years:

David Bowie
How did society ever make it through David Bowie? | Source: Instagram 
Another era, another gift from the gender-neutral gods. | Source: Instagram 

Artists take risks; that’s why we love them. Maybe Candace Owens should take the risk of letting other people shine.

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