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Candace Owens Just Played Harry Styles Like an Adorable Fiddle

Last Updated December 3, 2020 8:00 PM
Aaron Weaver
Last Updated December 3, 2020 8:00 PM
  • Political commentator Candace Owens criticized Harry Styles in November.
  • She wanted to ‘bring back manly men’ after posting his cross-dressing photo shoot.
  • The drama resurfaced today when Harry Styles made a post referencing Owens.

Candace Owens is on cloud nine. As a top-rate ‘troll,’ she just got Harry Styles to play directly into her hand.

The monthlong drama that Owens sparked over Harry’s cross-dressing photoshoot resurfaced today, and this time it was Harry Styles on the attack.

It may seem like a moment of redemption for the Watermelon Sugar singer, but, sadly, it benefits Owens far more than it hurts her.

Harry Styles Goes on the Attack

Harry Styles was no longer ready to play the victim. Candace Owens tried to embarrass him in mid-November, calling for ‘manly men’ after his cross-dressing photo shoot with Vogue.

It was an outright attack on the former boy band hero. And Harry handled the trolling wonderfully–by not acknowledging it.

That didn’t last long.

He went on the offensive today, posting a picture of himself in a frilly dress/shirt while quoting Candace Owens.

Harry Styles
Nice touch with the banana. | Source: Instagram 

Styles is wearing some kind of feminine dress shirt with a suggestive banana in his mouth while the caption reads “bring back manly men.”

Points for Harry, right?

Wrong. He just gave Candace Owens an early Christmas present.

Candace Owens Basks in the Attention

As soon as Harry made that post, his fanbase went wild. The LGBTQ community showed up as well. And they all gave heaping loads of attention to Candace Owens. Look at her joyously responding to the news:

Candace Owens
Somebody found her comfort zone. | Source: Twitter 

She now thinks she “inspires global conversation.”

On top of that, the troops from the Left are rallying and dropping bombs of attention on her:

Candace Owens
She’s really on one. | Source: Twitter 

She’s sparked an emotional war, which is what she does best. She aims to trigger whole demographics, so they place her directly in their crosshairs. But Candace Owens doesn’t care, as long as people are looking at her.

And thanks to Harry Styles, a lot more people are looking.

How to Handle a Troll

Most of us originally know the term ‘troll’ from fairy tales. Trolls live under bridges. If you don’t want to run into a troll, you don’t go under a bridge. But trolls can play tricks on you to get you under that bridge.

Candace Owens played that trick on Harry Styles. She attacked his manhood, and while he stuck to his feminine guns, the fact that he responded at all means she hurt his pride.

Famous people like Harry Styles need to ignore people like Candace Owens. She’s not important. Her entire life is dedicated to triggering people into paying attention to her. And every time she gets a reaction, her own following of trolls grows stronger.

Keep wearing dresses, Harry, but please, stop giving people like Candace Owens the time of day.

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