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Candace Owens Is Pushing the Frontiers of Ignorance on Twitter

Aaron Weaver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:49 PM
  • Conservative activist Candace Owens is pushing conspiracy theories and false claims on Twitter.
  • She’s also upset about having to wear a facemask.
  • Owens not only gets the facts wrong, but she might have her own nefarious motives.

With life as we know it grinding to a halt, it’s good to know that some things never stop. The world could start rotating in the opposite direction, and people like Candace Owens will continue to sound ignorant.

First, Owens roasted ‘expert’ death toll predictions.  Then, she bemoaned public health measures today on Twitter. She capped it all off with her usual unfounded conspiracy theories.

While the virus has made some people more ‘awake,’ it definitely hasn’t made Candace Owens more intelligent.

Candace Owens Doesn’t Understand Death Counts

Candace Owens
Source: Twitter 

A few days, Candance Owens got mad that the coronavirus death toll prediction has gradually lowered over time. She called the models’ bullsh*t’ and claimed the media lied.

But she seems to be unaware that the ‘2 million’ number she threw out there was the prediction if we didn’t take any precautions.  The 100,000 figure was a death prediction if we took precautions. So right off the bat, her tweet becomes meaningless.

If we go further, it becomes even stupider. Let’s not forget Owens is a staunch Trump supporter. But two weeks ago, Trump and his team were throwing out death numbers like 240,000. He said we were in for a “very, very painful two weeks.”

So…if the media was lying about 100,000 deaths, then I guess your boy, Donald Trump, is spouting lies on a much bigger level?

Candace Owens Is Upset About a Mask

Candace Owens
Why do you think there aren’t many deaths, Candace? | Source: Twitter 

Where do you start? The most shocking part of this entire tweet is the fact somebody married Candance Owens.

Why, oh why, are you mad about wearing a mask, Candace? I know 69 deaths are not many. You’re absolutely right. But I’m not sure if you’ve heard of a little place, not too far from you, called New York City. The death toll in that one city will probably pass 8,000 before Candace Owens sends out her next ridiculous tweet.

Candace Owens made sure to point out that she goes to this store ‘EVERY DAY.’ Excellent point, Candace. You should be able to endanger the lives of seniors and immunocompromised citizens because you’re a frequent Whole Foods shopper.

Owens Goes on Twitter Tirade

She rounded out her Twitter session by accusing Bill Gates of being a ‘vaccine criminal.’

Candace Owens
Source: Twitter 

She included a report that claims Bill Gates tested his malaria vaccines on Africans. That’s where malaria was spreading, Candace. It makes sense that one would try out vaccines there.

While the Gates piece might have more legs than her other claims, Candace Owens primarily sounds a shock jock. She says outlandish things and gets attention from stupid and intelligent people alike. While that may seem like a good plan, her reckless behavior might start costing people their lives.

Maybe that’s her agenda, as long we’re making ridiculous claims. Where are the pictures of you walking around without a facemask, Candace? So far, we have no proof. How do we know you’re not sending your followers out to slaughter while you remain protected?

Candace Owens
Source: Twitter 

That said, if you want to support Candace, check out her new book. It’s called “Blackout,” and I’m pretty sure it’s about the current state of her brain.

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