Can Someone Just Recreate Fallout 76 in Dreams’ Engine Already?

Dreams is such a great tool for creating games that you can actually recreate entire franchises in it. Now someone needs to do Fallout 76.
Fallout 76
The Fallout 76 disaster could still be rescued with some inspired amateur game development via the Dreams engine. | Source:
  • Dreams is now out and people have already set about recreating some pretty impressive games in the new engine.
  • Already we’ve seen Fallout 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2 brought to life in Dreams.
  • Now someone just needs to re-create Fallout 76 so we can experience the story without paying money into Bethesda’s misery engine.

Media Molecule’s hit game engine Dreams is finally out. So far we’ve seen some pretty amazing stuff created in the game. P.T. is finally playable again which is nice. People have even managed to remake Fallout 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2 (kind of).

Clearly, Dreams is quite a bit deal. It seems like it really does allow pretty much anyone to create video games. No matter what their skill-level is.

So, now that we know that can someone just recreate Fallout 76 already?

Fallout First - Dreams
Fallout 1st was bad enough to generate even more hate for Fallout 76, something which a Dreams remake would probably not have to worry about too much. | Source: Fallout First

Dreams is the Perfect Way to Stick It to Bethesda

Pretty much everyone was disappointed by Fallout 76. If they weren’t, then they quickly became disappointed by what the game turned into. With awful paywalls and scummy sales tactics abound.

Now that Dreams is a reality, it would be a great chance to actually get a decent version of Fallout 76. One in which players can explore the interesting premise, without buying into Bethesda’s complete garbage.

Hell, it’s certainly possible. The version of Fallout 4 you can play in Dreams is actually pretty close to the original game. Since Fallout 76 basically just uses Fallout 4’s engine again it’s not too far of a leap to imagine it remade as well. Although probably without the multiplayer elements.

Not That All Games Should Be Remade

It’s pretty clear to see how powerful a tool Dreams is. Now pretty much anyone can develop games, but that doesn’t mean that we should be remaking games willy-nilly.

Fallout 76 deserves the Dreams treatment. It is a garbage game, made by a terrible company. If anyone deserves to lose business, it is Bethesda. After the stunts they’ve been pulling lately it’s a lot less morally grey.

Having said that, people who are making games in Dreams need to be a bit careful. Right now, it seems to be the wild west a bit. Anyone can make anything in Dreams without worry. But, it just takes one annoyed company getting involved to bring the whole user-generated-content house of cards tumbling down.

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