payza announcementThe online payment wallet Payza, formerly known as Alertpay, recently integrated a new feature that enable its users to deposit funds using Bitcoin. The payment platform, which directly competes with PayPal and Skrill, is definitely looking after bitcoin and the possibilities the new currency offers. A company representative declared on reddit:

We expect Bitcoin to be an important part of the online payment ecosystem sooner rather than later and we want to be part of that growth.

Payza followed up with their declared intentions with a Twitter post revealing the good news.

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The digital currency then made its appearance in the list of deposit methods alongside the bank wire and the credit card, as we can see in the screenshot below:


The deposit process on Payza.

This announcement comes two months after the first implementation of Bitcoin on Payza, which concerned the ability to purchase bitcoins using Payza USD balance. The loop is now closed with the addition of this new option for the residents of the 190 countries where the platform is available. Therefore, it can now be described as a genuine Bitcoin exchange, alongside Coinbase, Bitstamp and the several other exchanges that flourished since 2009.

Bitcoin Figures Improve Bitcoin Adoption

One of the elements that promoted this move towards Bitcoin was undoubtedly the recruitment by Payza of Bitcoin star Charlie Shrem back in June 2014.  The former entrepreneur founded and managed the bitcoin exchange BitInstant, since closed due to regulatory issues. He described his new role with Payza:

I’m really excited to be working with a large team that can help me take Bitcoin to the people who need it the most. I am responsible for consulting on the development, integration and incorporation of Bitcoin and Digital Currency into the Payza Global Platform.

Many other bitcoin figures like Roger Ver or Andreas Antonopoulos recently illustrated through their unwavering commitment to promote the crypto currency among merchants, general public and political institutions. Most recent on people’s minds is a hearing organized by the Canadian Senate a few weeks ago, where Andreas’s testimony triggered a warm enthusiasm within the Bitcoin community thanks to his remarkable speech.

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