Cameron And Tyler Winklevoss Are The Keynote Speakers For (Bit)coinWorld At Money2020

March 25, 2014 17:17 UTC

Money2020 is the breakout annual even for emerging payments and is set to kick off in Las Vegas at the Aria on November 2nd through the 6th.  The 5 day event has been growing since its inception in 2012.  Money2020 is in its third year now and is expecting a record breaking 6,000+ attendees to flood Las Vegas come November.  The biggest names in payments, finance, and Bitcoin will all be at this event, you won’t want to miss it.

This year’s expo will be a bit more targeted than last year’s. Last month, Money2020 cemented its commitment to Digital Currencies by announcing (Bit)coinWorld At Money2020.  From their blog post:

At Money2020, we’re big supporters of crypto-currencies, including bitcoin. We believe the underlying distributed payment protocols hold incredible disruptive technological potential on a global basis. We also believe that based on the value and utility of crypto-currencies as well as the investment in and incredible brainpower that’s building out the infrastructure, protocols like Bitcoin are heading towards the tipping point of a network effect. Once we hit this point, there will be no turning back and these protocols will be here for the long term. Clearly, there are regulatory and other issues to work through–worldwide–but this is not unusual for most disruptive products, markets or technologies–innovation of that kind never travels an easy path.

Based on inbound interest as well as proactive outreach, we at Money2020 started to build relationships with companies throughout the distributed payment protocol and crypto-currency ecosystem in early 2013, before much of the mainstream media coverage and latest run up in crypto-currency values. We started accepting bitcoin as payment for sponsorships in early 2013 (for 2014, we’re broadening our acceptance to include attendee registrations just as soon as the integrations are complete).

The result was that some of the leading companies in the distributed payment protocol and crypto-currency space had a substantial presence at 2013’s Money2020. Money2020 is unique in the payments and financial services events industry in that we cross-pollinate among innovators in a number of disparate sectors that are redefining commerce and, as a result, how consumers and businesses manage, spend and borrow money. We cover all the major macro trends driving these shifts, such as mobile, data, marketing services and technology. We believe that distributed payment protocols and crypto-currencies represent a major driver of technology innovation, and so are right for inclusion at Money2020.

At our 2013 event, we saw tremendous interest in distributed payment protocols and crypto-currencies, and we believe that that will evolve in 2014 into broader and more meaningful interactions with traditional stakeholders. We’ve introduced “(Bit)coinWorld at Money2020” to capture the full experience we’ll have around distributed payment protocols and crypto-currencies at this year’s Money2020.

(Bit)coinWorld at Money2020 is a platform where leaders in distributed payment protocols and crypto-currencies and leaders responsible for driving commerce innovation can interact, learn and forge critical partnerships. To help accomplish this objective, we’re:

  1. Creating a dedicated agenda track to include extensive coverage of distributed payment protocols and crypto-currencies, featuring the pioneers and leaders in the industry,

  2. Increasing exhibitor and sponsor presence, showcasing the latest organizations and innovations, and

  3. Introducing targeted networking events designed to connect critical stakeholders and industry participants.

(Bit)coinWorld at Money2020 Is Coming Along Nicely

As promised in point (1.), Money2020 is creating a dedicated agenda track to spread coverage of distributed payment protocals and crypto-currencies.  They’ve secured Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss as the keynote speakers for (Bit)coinWorld at Money2020.  The Winklevoss twins also headlined the Bitcoin 2013 Conference last year.  Money2020 will undoubtedly bring in even more heavy hitters from the world of Bitcoin.  Their 2013 lineup included names such as Ersham, Ver, and Gallippi and I’m excited to see who comes back.

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Here at CCN we are happy to announce our media partnership with Money 2020.  For more information on Money 2020 and the events there other than (Bit)coinWorld, please check out Money 2020’s Brochure.

Of course, Money2020 allows payment via Bitcoin, courtesy of Coinbase.

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Caleb is a graduate of the University of Virginia where he studied Economics, East Asian Studies, and Mathematics. He is currently pursuing his MSc in Digital Currency at the University of Nicosia.