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Cam Newton Is Already in Danger of Losing the Patriots Fan Base

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:27 PM
Travis Pulver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:27 PM
  • Once Tom Brady left and Cam Newton was released by the Panthers, many assumed he would eventually land in New England.
  • While he may be the team’s best chance to win this year, that doesn’t mean fans are going to accept him.
  • Fans who wish athletes would leave their politics out of the game are probably not going to like him.

Cam Newton is in an enviable but also an unenviable position. He is on the roster for a perennial Super Bowl contender in the New England Patriots. That alone gives him a great shot at getting back to the Super Bowl. But at the same time, he will likely be tasked with replacing Tom Brady, a living legend.

No one wants to be the guy following ‘the guy.’ With expectations being sky high, it is practically impossible to measure up. It doesn’t matter what you do–you are almost guaranteed to fail when the shoes you are filling belonged to Tom Brady,

Good luck. You are going to need it.

But Cam Newton has made some pretty significant strides during his short time with the team. He says the right things when talking to the media. According to reports, while he is far from perfect, he looks good.

He’s been putting in the work, bonding with his teammates, and is even getting along with Bill Belichick. He must be if Belichick is okay with him dancing around during practice:

But the Hate From Many Patriots Fans Is All Too Real

Many Patriots fans were not going to like Cam Newton simply because he is not Tom Brady.

Some were rubbed the wrong way when he insinuated that he was planning on being a one-and-done guy . But many more are unhappy with him due to a recent post on Instagram:

Cam Newton’s take on the difference in how cops treat people. | Source: Instagram 

The cartoon was in response to police in Kenosha, Wisconsin, shooting Jacob Blake in the back seven times. He had already commented on the shooting earlier in the day while talking with the press:

His comments were pretty safe and hard to find fault with (many still did, of course). But the cartoon image he posted drew some heated reactions :

This is so unrealistic.
Not even close.
Yes, the people who carry weapons like that are doing it legally and not threatening cops. The NFL is doomed.
It’s called the 2nd amendment.
Self-defense is a beautiful thing and not resisting arrest can save you.
Not accurate. Sorry cam can’t respect that.
bruh you wild af I’m all for the change that needs to happen in this country but misleading people is just feeding fuel to the fire that is not needed!
This is simply a dishonest depiction.
Celebs are delusional just stick to playing football. Maybe New England will keep you. If not you’re done forever. Put your mind other places

To be fair, many people were fine with the post and accused those who didn’t like it of being racist or failing to understand what it meant.

Does Cam Newton Care If Patriots Fans Love Him?

You would hope that the answer would be ’yes’ since he is playing for the team. Since signing with them, several of his Instagram posts have indicated how excited he is to be a part of the franchise. But he has also alluded in one to only being in New England for one year.

If that’s the case, then does it matter if they love him?

Many are giving him the benefit of the doubt and already do. But when the 2015 version of Cam Newton doesn’t show up on Sundays, will they still feel the same? Or will they be swayed by those he has already alienated to turn on him?

We’ll find out once the season starts.

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