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Walmart Stock Laughs Off Trade Tensions & Recession Hysteria

walmart stock price

By CCN Markets: Walmart is bucking the trend by boosting its fiscal 2019 earnings outlook after reporting strong second-quarter sales. The bullish projections and the rise in Walmart stock this week underscore that the retail giant is unfazed by mounting recession fears and the US-China trade war. Walmart's same-store sales for the second quarter ended July 31 rose 2.8%, beating analyst...

GE Stock Plunges on Suspicious $38 Billion Fraud 'Bombshell'

ge stock crash

By CCN Markets: Embattled industrial giant General Electric took another blow Thursday. GE stock is trading down more than 10% following news that famed fraud investigator Harry Markopolos has accused General Electric of committing fraud. Madoff Whistleblower: GE Stock Is Overvalued by 50% Markopolos stated that GE is a "bigger fraud than Enron" and added: “My team has spent the past seven months...

WeWork's CEO Is the Next Elon Musk - That Should Terrify You

WeWork CEO Adam Neumann is the next elon musk

By CCN Markets: The last thing an investor wants to read in an IPO prospectus is a warning that the company’s CEO may have committed an SEC violation - even an itsy-bitsy one. But that's the case with WeWork co-founder and CEO Adam Neumann, who is on track to become the next Elon Musk for all the wrong reasons. Let me explain. When the SEC says "quiet," you need to listen! The company’s S-1...

5 Crazy Numbers We Found in WeWork’s Horrorshow IPO


By CCN Markets: The prospect of a WeWork IPO was met with skepticism after the official S-1 filing to the SEC revealed some extravagant facts and figures about the company and its CEO. Here are 5 interesting numbers to be found in the IPO filing. 13 - the number of times ‘energy’ is mentioned Co-founder and CEO, Adam Neumann, once told reporters that his company’s “energy and spirituality” were...

WeWork's IPO Will Go to Zero After the First Recession


By CCN Markets: There's a song that says, "one is the loneliest number." In fact, zero is the loneliest number, especially when it is preceded by a dollar sign. And $0 is where WeWork stock is going to go after the next recession hits, but don’t count on anyone else to tell you that. So avoid the WeWork IPO. The We Company's Business Model Is Destined to Fail WeWork, or The We Company as it is...

Trump Urges Fed to 'Do Something' as Stock Market Signals Recession

donald trump

By CCN Markets: The stock market major indices including the Dow Jones are getting shellacked today as the yield inversion in the bond market spooks investors. The yield curve hasn't been inverted for very long, but because it could be a harbinger of an economic recession historically, it's enough to send stocks reeling. President Trump isn't having any of it, taking to his favorite media...

Cult of Elon Musk: Say Hello to the Ultimate Tesla Groupie

elon musk cult: tesla owner implants model 3 key in her arm

By CCN Markets: There are times when a goofy news item provides far greater insight into a company, a stock, and its investors than may be apparent at first glance. Such is the case with Elon Musk, Tesla, and the Model 3 producer's cult-like followers. The Ultimate Elon Musk Groupie A woman identified as Amie DD, a software developer in Texas, removed the most important pieces from her Tesla...

Dow Futures Plunge 410 Points as ‘Fear Gauge’ Flashes Red Signal

Dow futures decline

By CCN Markets: The Dow Jones chalked up its best performance in months yesterday after Donald Trump delayed additional tariffs on China until December. But the stock market party was short-lived, and the futures market points to a weak open on Wall Street on Wednesday. If you’re looking for reasons why the markets have lost their excitement this morning, look no further than the VIX, also known...

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