BTCTrip Wants to Turn 150,000 Hotels into Local Bitcoin Exchanges

May 8, 2014 17:14 UTC
BTCTrip wants to bring 150,000 hotels to the Bitcoin economy.

BTCTrip is one of those special companies in the Bitcoin space that knows how to evangelize for the cryptocurrency. While they already allow users to book flights around the world with Bitcoin, they are now preparing an expansion into the hotel market. In addition to allowing users to book hotels with their online reservation system, they’re also rolling out some new features that should speed up the booking process and bring more hotels into the Bitcoin economy.


Hotel Chains Now Accept Bitcoin

[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]he first thing BTCTrip wants to do is bring Bitcoin bookings to more than 150,000 hotels around the world. Bitcoin users will soon be able to book stays at all of their favorite hotel chains, such as Holiday Inn and Best Western, and they won’t even need to leave their default Bitcoin wallet to plan their vacation. BTCTrip is working on plugins for various Bitcoin wallets to allow people to book their hotel stays directly from places like The idea is to create a decentralized reservation system for hotels, and they’re aiming  to show discounts to Bitcoin users when a hotel decides to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment on their own. BTCTrip will help process transactions at normal rates for hotels who are not interested in Bitcoin at this time. The company is also willing to work with hotels directly when it comes to setting up their own Bitcoin wallets.

Hotels Can Also Be Local Bitcoin Exchanges

The Bitcoin wallets provided to the hotels by BTCTrip can be denominated in the local currency, which means hotels will be able to hold bitcoins without taking on any volatility risk. If a hotel decides to work with BTCTrip in setting up a Bitcoin wallet and receiving Bitcoin payments, then they can also decide to have BTCTrip turn them into a local Bitcoin exchange. The hotel will already own bitcoins from the various Bitcoin customers who come through, so it would make sense to put those bitcoins to work in order to earn some extra cash. The travel industry is one of perfect market to look at when it comes to Bitcoin adoption, and most Bitcoin users would love the idea of being able to exchange some bitcoins for local currency when they show up in a new city. These hotel-based Bitcoin exchanges can also be helpful when it’s time to leave town and convert all of that soon to be useless local currency back into bitcoins.

Down for the Cause

When chatting with Martin Fernandez from BTCTrip about some of the new features the company is rolling out in the next few weeks, the conversation always seemed to go back to Bitcoin evangelism. This is a company that understands the power of Bitcoin, and they’re working day and night to help more hotel owners understand how the cryptocurrency can benefit their businesses. The fact that hotels who accept Bitcoin will get preferential treatment on the BTCTrip hotel listings in the form of lower prices could definitely help push some hotel owners in the right direction over time. There is a feeling that this company is interested in growing the entire Bitcoin economy rather than just their own business. But don’t worry. They’ll also be able to make some money along the way.

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