BTC-e On ZeroBlock Trading Platform

Caleb Chen @bitxbitxbitcoin
May 21, 2014
ZeroBlock Trading Platform Adds BTC-e

ZeroBlock’s trading platform “will allow traders consolidated access to much of the liquidity in the Bitcoin market.” Blockchain has been making large strides in the Bitcoin world over the last few months. has taken custodial custody of, the premier landing page of our generation, and given it a revamp. Before that project, Blockchain bought ZeroBlock, a news aggregation app, in December of 2013 and also RTBTC, a trading platform, in March of 2014.  Today, Blockchain’s acquisitions have culminated into the ZeroBlock Trading Platform.  Today, ZeroBlock announces that its trading platform now supports BTC-e trading for the BTC/USD and BTC/EUR currency pairs.  ZeroBlock had already been running its trading platform with just BitStamp; however, with the addition of BTC-e, ZeroBlock trading platform users now have access to the majority of Fiat liquidity on the open market just a click away.


[dropcap size=small]I[/dropcap]n order to use Zeroblock’s trading functions, you will have to generate an API key from your exchange account.  Once you provide this API key to ZeroBlock, they will encrypt it before it is stored on their own database.  Additionally, ZeroBlock assures customers that all exchanges, whether trades or not, between users and ZeroBlock’s clients occur over SSL.  Like’s web wallet services, ZeroBlock “has been designed from the ground up with a keen eye on security.”  They also have a bounty program if you can find bugs in their system.  Zeroblock will even prompt you to create a different password if the one you submit is found to be on the most popular known passwords list.  On the back end, ZeroBlock’s trading platform is using “Wall Street technology”: Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol API.

Visual Trading

ZeroBlock’s trading tools are available for a free 1 day trial.  If you hook up your BitStamp or BTC-e valid API key for use with your own exchange account, then ZeroBlock will extend the free trial to 7 days.  Otherwise, the functionality costs $20 per month or $168 per year, payable in Bitcoin, of course.  This software functionality is targeted at high-volume and high-frequency traders that can benefit from ZeroBlock’s news and data aggregating in the same location.  The average user probably won’t feel comfortable paying per month for prettier access to their own exchange accounts.  ZeroBlock has worked hard to create a system that will save the right users precious milliseconds:

  • Click to Trade

The latest version of the platform supports order entry directly from the Order Book and Visual Depth modules. Clicking at a certain price level will update the corresponding Order Entry module’s price. This action allows the trader to quickly ‘join’ the book at a desired level.

  • Order Sweeping

Order sweeping is also available through a Shift-click on the Visual Depth or clicking the Amount column in the Order Book. A sweep is an order to buy or sell all liquidity on the book to a certain point.

  • Market Spread Indicator

The Visual Depth module now displays the current market spread, expressed as the percentage difference between the Bid and Ask price.

The full press release is available here.

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