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Bruce Springsteen Promoter 10x Management Plans To Add More Bitcoin Experts To Its Roster

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:46 PM
Justin OConnell
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:46 PM

10x Management, Bruce Springsteen’s promoter , seeks to “find the best contract tech talent and match them with the world’s most amazing companies.”  Since 2011, this is what the firm has strived to do. Although the firm has been in the Bitcoin space for some time now, it made headlines with its recent additions of Jeff Garzik, a well-known Bitcoin entrepreneur.

“We have been placing very high-level freelance developers with expertise in bitcoin for well over a year at this point and will continue to expand on that,”10x Founder Michael Solomon told CCN.com. The firm plans on working with Bitcoin talent in the future, helping large companies build out their cryptocurrency strategy.

“This will likely involve experts who help companies build their products and advise them on architecture, best practices and methodologies,” Solomon said. “At times, this will also involve briefing companies, organizations and governments on bitcoin, the block chain, other crypto currencies and their respective implications.” 10x feels it’s in a good position with Garzik.

“Jeff is clearly the crown jewel of those resources,” Solomon said.

The firm anticipates growth and adoption in the bitcoin space in the future. “[Bitcoin] is still in its infancy but will not be staying there for long,” Solomon opined. “Partially because of some of the early use cases of Bitcoin, it will take a minute for some of mainstream society to come around but we’ve already seen those walls crumbling quickly.”

The addition of Garzik and his company Bloq means 10x is “in the best position ever to be able to offer the services with the range from experts to the very top of the bitcoin food chain,” according to Solomon. He has seen “meteoric demand” for Bitcoin experts.

“We will continue to expand our roster as we have additional needs for these amazing people,” Solomon anticipates. “We expect the number and size of our bitcoin engagements for next year to grow between 5x and 10x.”

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