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Broken WWE 2K20’s Buggy Mess Will Last Two More Agonizing Weeks

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:12 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:12 PM
  • Wrestling’s go-to gaming franchise has been a train-wreck following the release of its latest title, WWE 2K20.
  • The game is riddled with bugs on various platforms and has been endlessly ridiculed on social media.
  •  The publisher has (finally) revealed that a fix is coming, two weeks from now.

Fresh off what can only be termed a disastrous launch, WWE 2K20 publisher 2K Games has finally addressed the issues plaguing the game.

WWE 2K20 Is Seriously Broken

These range from some seriously terrifying graphic glitches to gameplay bugs and everything in between. There are demonic character models with missing skin, NSFW animation glitches, a year-on-year graphical downgrade compared to WWE 2K19 – there are more glitches and bugs than actual serviceable gameplay.

Outcry reached such deafening levels that it spawned the hashtag #FixWWE2K20. It was briefly trending on Twitter in the US earlier in the week. Sony has even tacitly agreed WWE 2K20 is broken by issuing refunds to PlayStation gamers.

‘An Initial Patch Ready in The Next Two Weeks’

Taking to the WWE 2K20 Twitter handle, 2K explains that it is aware of the feedback. The publisher calls them “concerns,” and vows to investigate and fix them “as necessary.” The wording doesn’t exactly instill confidence and suggests 2K Games’ reluctance to embrace the dire state of the game. There’s a distinct lack of urgency to it all.

Broken WWE 2K20 Buggy Mess Set to Last Two Weeks at Least
A WWE 2K20 patch is coming, but not for at least two weeks. | Source: Twitter 

2K Games hopes to push out an “initial” patch within two weeks. More updates are planned to back it up further down the line. In other words, we’ll have to put up with WWE 2K20’s festering mess for a couple of weeks, at the very least.

2K Games’ inability to fix the game any quicker due to the litany of problems may explain the extended timeline. Or, possibly, brazen complacency after already cashing in on launch sales.

2K’s other flagship sporting franchise, NBA 2K20, continues to sell despite being a thinly-veiled casino simulator. And, WWE 2K20 benefits from that same blind loyalty from franchise fans who, sure as the tides, line up every year to throw their money at 2K Games – the quality of the game seemingly having no impact whatsoever.

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