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Broken Battlefield V Doesn’t Deserve This Insanely Awesome Trailer

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:12 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:12 PM
  • Battlefield V was rife with controversy prior to its launch.
  • The popular first-person shooter, compared to its predecessor Battlefield 1, is seen as a failure post-launch.
  • Battlefield V is struggling to recover its player-base and the upcoming launching of its Pacific Expansion is creating buzz.

DICE and EA have rightfully deserved all the slack they been subject to for Battlefield V’s shaky post-launch track record. But, we can’t fault the duo for their ability to conjure up some of the best cinematic trailers around.

The latest trailer for Battlefield V, released Wednesday, is a compelling snapshot of the upcoming War in the Pacific expansion, thrilling even. Sadly, no amount of CGI trickery can save broken Battlefield V.

Battlefield V’s Spectacular War in the Pacific Trailer

The trailer delves into the subject matter at hand in style. US soldiers storm the island bastion of Iwo Jima as Japanese artillery fire dislocates the dark sands of the iconic battleground.

However, the stroke of genius is framing a vignette-style narrative into such a short video. We follow two soldiers from competing sides of the conflict from pre-combat preparations to the heat of battle, culminating in their untimely deaths.

DICE and EA have done well. As we watch the trailer, it’s hard not to be drawn in and even more challenging to deny a desire to try Battlefield V. Yet, as we step back from the ersatz fantasy, it’s best to remember that trailers are an idealized take on a game. This has never been truer than with Battlefield V.

We’ve seen it before. Promises of re-birthing Battlefield V as the game it was always supposed to be. Equally evocative trailers. All let down by delays, canceled content, and EA and DICE veering off from a self-imposed roadmap.

Could War in the Pacific finally fix Battlefield V? We’ll have to see, but skepticism is sky-high.

Broken Battlefield v Doesn't Deserve a Trailer This Insanely Awesome
Source: Battlefield V/DICE/EA

The Most Expansive Update Yet, but That Won’t Change Much

War in the Pacific is among the most significant free updates to hit Battlefield V since launch . It introduces three brand new maps (Iwo Jima, Pacific Storm, and from December, a re-imagining of Battlefield fan-favorite Wake Island) and two new factions (US Armed Forces and the Imperial Japanese Army).

A slew of new weapons feature in the update, including a katana and flamethrower, as well as an array of era-appropriate rifles and machine guns. Players can pilot new vehicles from M4 Sherman and Type 97 tanks to sea-worthy dinghies and airborne Zero Fighters.

DICE is also throwing in a couple of elite skins, heavy-artillery reinforcements, and new earned chapter rewards.

All in all, DICE and EA offer a pretty fleshed out expansion. We’ll be watching to see if it can inject new life into Battlefield V. Or, more likely go down as another failed attempt to reverse a fate that, by this point, feels like its been written in the stars.

It launches next week on Oct. 31.