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British Bitcoiners and Ethereans Head to an Historical Election

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:57 PM
Andrew Quentson
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:57 PM

Summer has not yet found its way to London. It’s cloudy. It’s windy. Reflecting, perhaps, the very big decision the British people are to make today, the third such decision in just two years.

The two candidates could not be more different. Jeremy Corbyn is loved by the people, they sing his name. Theresa May comes across as cold, hardly inspiring anyone.

Yet, everyone says she will win, not because she offers anything, but because Corbyn can’t win. No one delves further to explain why he can’t win. He just can’t, the polls say so. He is down around 10% today, when yesterday he was neck and neck.

Leave was down 10% on the Brexit voting day. As was Trump. They both won because they both inspired, as does Corbyn. There are many reasons. One of them is the chart below which speaks for itself:

Income gains distribution chart by Fidelity.

Corbyn says he will tax the rich to pay for everyone else, including free universities, nationalized rail, one million new homes, a state-owned energy company to compete with other companies, a state bank to compete with commercial banks, a lot more money for the police, healthcare, education.

He calls it Quantitative Easing for the people. Instead of the Bank of England buying toxic assets from other banks, shoring up their accounts, it will invest in the economy directly, he says.

He hasn’t really said much about our space. The conservatives have embraced blockchain technology and Britain’s regulators are an example to follow for the entire world. That is unlikely to change whatever government comes to power as much of the policy related to this space directly probably comes from the civil servants, rather than elected politicians.

What may affect our space, however, is the question of war and peace because of the peace dividend. Corbyn says we have to reach a political settlement. How exactly that’s achieved is not very clear considering what appears to be recent escalation regarding Qatar.

The Peace Candidate

But, Corbyn is the peace candidate. His sole purpose of existing appears to be for this very moment. Born to peace campaigners, he was chair of the Stop the War Coalition and organized the biggest protest against the Iraq War back in 2002.

He is a long standing anti-war campaigner, gathering strong support by the people who gave him leadership of the Labour party with a 59% vote share. The Labour MPs revolted, tried a coup shortly after the Brexit results. Corbyn, however, increased his vote to 61%.

That is probably because he does represent a choice we have to make regarding war and peace. Do we escalate, or do we reach a settlement? We know what Trump wants to do. Shouldn’t there be an alternative?

That is a very difficult question, not least because it unfortunately comes bundled with many other policies. But does anything else matter when the economy has now returned to continued growth? In such prosperous times, shouldn’t Britain lead again and change the discourse around the war, make calls for peace far louder?

That’s what, mostly our parents, will be deciding today. They have the benefit of perspective, so having lived for six or seven decades, and might recall that it was Labour which managed to achieve peace in Northern Ireland.

They might also recall that troops on our streets  have never been called. They might wonder what such knee-jerk response may mean for our liberties, especially when Theresa May says she is willing to rip up  the Human Rights our grandparents won with blood.

They probably are less familiar with the internet, but they may have noticed that she  blames porn , which has nothing to do with terrorism, yet, for some reason, May wants to curtail it, somehow mixing “counter-extremism” with “making it more difficult to access pornography.”

Yet, she dosen’t want to publish a report on terrorism funding, nor are they likely to open a public investigation on how the London stabber was able to get away with it despite seemingly being reported to the authorities by everyone and their cat.

That’s because it’s all theater, a spectacle, geopolitics. Corbyn, however, appears genuine. He seems to actually strongly believe in ending the war. He might put pressure on Saudis, he might try and find some sort of diplomatic solution.

No one knows whether he can, nor do we know whether he will be given the chance. They all say he won’t win, so, maybe our best bet is to just turn off the news and bring up change from bottom up.

Ignore their theater and focus on Musk’s rockets to Mars, on technological innovation, on new autonomous organizations, on blockchainized self-driving cars, ethereum-based microgrids, and maybe even independent art, whether music or movies, funded directly by everyone.

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