Bringing Affiliate Marketing to the Blockchain Industry

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With mainstream media marketing bans on the blockchain sector coming into full effect from the 1st of June 2018, now is the time to implement the use of alternative marketing channels for blockchain. With this in mind, tokentarget is committed to bring affiliate marketing to the blockchain sector.

Through their brand AFFILICHAIN, combined with their newly launched ICO marketing tracking solution, tokentarget aims at taking the blockchain sector down a similar route that the other major  industries have gone to secure traffic after mainstream marketing bans.

Performance-based marketing has been in the digital space for almost 20 years now, and a recent survey revealed that 81% of online brands use affiliate marketing as a key part of their online marketing strategy, spending up to 10% of their marketing budget on affiliate marketing.

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With other sectors successfully leveraging affiliate marketing to promote their brands and products, and the blockchain sector gaining traction and credibility, the time is right for the introduction of affiliate marketing to the sector.

The team behind AFFILICHAIN is the same team that launched the first and largest financial / Forex affiliate network in the world, and they bring this experience to AFFILICHAIN, to create the best global affiliate network for the blockchain industry.

Through AFFILICHAIN, advertisers will have the opportunity to take advantage of performance-based marketing, paying only for results that are generated by affiliates through the network. To create the best value proposition for both advertisers and affiliates, AFFILICHAIN will allow advertisers to create offers that are based around lead and revenue generation.

“Our goal with AFFILICHAIN is not only to introduce blockchain projects to affiliate marketing, but also to introduce affiliates to the blockchain sector, and our unique revenue share model is a great way to do this. The unique tracking system that tokentarget has developed opens the door to a lot of great opportunities for affiliate marketing, and we look forward to establishing the standard for affiliate marketing in the blockchain industry.” said James Weaver, Chief Business Development Officer of tokentarget.

The offers available on AFFILICHAIN come from blockchain projects across all major verticals, including eCommerce, education, ICOs, brokers, exchanges, events, wallets and payment service providers.

The launch of AFFILICHAIN comes at a time where the blockchain sector is at a crossroad in terms of marketing activity. As mainstream channels continue to crackdown on blockchain marketing activities, having a marketing channel that is impervious to such events is essential for any projects looking to launch within the sector. AFFILICHAIN offers a powerful and transparent marketing tool that is built to bring a key marketing channel to the blockchain sector, allowing projects to market the same way major digital companies have been doing for years. For more information, reach out to

About tokentarget

Since launching in March 2017, tokentarget has helped over 40 clients raise more than US$600 million from their ICOs. Through their full range of services, including strategy, branding, marcoms, channel marketing and business intelligence, they have helped launch ICOs in verticals such as: Finance, Trading, Sports, Technology, Telecommunications, Energy, Advertising, Loyalty, Payment Services, Healthcare, Luxury Goods and VR.