Brickblock Is Revolutionizing Investing by Selling Real-World Assets on the Blockchain

Brickblock is the first platform in the world that connects cryptocurrencies with real-world assets.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Brickblock allows cryptocurrency holders to buy real estate funds (REFs) and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), as well as passively and actively-managed coin funds. These are bought by depositing funds from investors’ Ethereum, Bitcoin, or Litecoin wallets.

The company’s goal is to make investing cheaper, easier, and more secure by cutting out third parties in the transaction process. This is achieved by using smart contracts to automatically confirm the transfer of funds from the investor to the fund manager, and the assets from the fund manager to the investor.

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Investors will receive their assets in the form of a tradeable token, called a Proof-of-Asset (PoA) token. PoA tokens represent real ownership of the underlying assets and can be traded on third-party exchanges. Tokenizing assets also secures their sensitive data by replacing it with a randomly generated set of characters, which means the token has no exploitable value.

Here’s a closer look at the assets Brickblock offers:

Real estate funds

Investors can buy real estate in the form of funds or REITS and passive income from the profits earned by the underlying real estate assets. In December, Brickblock will be the first platform in the world to sell a real estate project on the blockchain.

Exchange-traded funds

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are baskets of assets like stocks, commodities, or bonds that are passively managed and traded on a stock exchange. They track and mirror the performance of an index, such as the DAX 30, Nikkei, Dow Jones, or S&P 500. Brickblock makes investing in ETFs cheaper and easier than ever before.

Coin funds

Investors can invest in either passively or actively managed funds containing diverse crypto assets. Passively managed fund could include, for exmaple, The Top 10 Crypto Assets by Market Cap, The Top-Performing Cryptocurrencies Over 5 Years, or Smart Contract-Only Crypto Assets. These can be considered the digital equivalent of ETFs. Fund managers of actively managed coin funds will be audited and verified to ensure they are qualified to manage investors’ assets and to eliminate the likelihood of fraud.

Buying assets on Brickblock is as easy as transferring your cryptocurrency into a smart contract and receiving a Proof-of-Asset token in a digital trust under your name. Automating the transaction process eliminates the costly fees and minimum amounts associated with investing through traditional financial institutions. Brickblock also reduces geographic and other regulatory restrictions that make investing financially exclusive to those with lower incomes and who live in certain regions of the world.

After raising $1 million USD during a five-day token pre-sale, Brickblock’s public ICO will commence on October 31. Investors can register for the whitelist to receive exclusive offers during the first two days of the ICO, after which a tiered price structure will kick in. More details on Brickblock’s token ecosystem can be found here.

Recently, Brickblock added a wealth of talent to its core team – including six full-time developers – and hired key advisors to help realize the company’s vision of making investing cheaper, easier, and more secure.

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