Brick And Mortar Bitcoin Embassies Open For Europe’s Many Bitcoiners

May 14, 2014
La Maison Du BTC in France

Around the world, dedicated Bitcoiners have come together to establish Brick and Mortar “Bitcoin embassies” in order to promote Bitcoin and digital currencies, in general.  The first such Bitcoin Embassy came up in Montreal, Canada a few years ago.  It is now established as a non-profit organization and has helped establish many Bitcoin companies in Canada, such as pay-bills-with-Bitcoin service Bylls.  Brick and Mortar Bitcoin Embassies provide space for Bitcoiners to meet and do all the things that they do.  Bitcoiners can trade currencies and ideas, educate merchants and interested professionals, etc.  Already, there are official Bitcoin Embassies in Canada, Israel, and now Poland.  Other brick and mortar locations that encourage local Bitcoiner participation, but do not use the word “embassy” in their name, include the Bitcoin Center in New York, Bitspot in Kentucky, and many others.  Also just as important to the growing brick and mortar Bitcoin ecosystem are Bitcoin incubators and coworking spaces such as Plug n Play in California, MintCombine in New York, and now La Maison Du BTC in France.  All of these brick and mortar locations serve as Bitcoin embassies as either a for-profit or non-profit organization and there is always room for more.


Bitcoin Embassy Warsaw Opens In Poland

[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]he Polish Bitcoin Embassy is located in the heart of Warsaw, the capital of Poland.  Maciej Ziółkowski and Piotr Hetzig first got together to create the first Polish language blog about Bitcoin, years ago.  For a long time, Polish Bitcoiners looked to Ziółkowski and Hetzig in the virtual world for information and resources, in Polish, about Bitcoin.  Now, Polish natives and even visiting tourists will be able to go to 46 Crucza St. to visit Europe’s first Bitcoin Embassy, which is within walking distance to Poland’s central bank and Warsaw’s Stock Exchange.  The location for the Bitcoin Embassy Warsaw, much like the New York City Bitcoin Center, was chosen wisely.

The Bitcoin Embassy in Warsaw opened officially on May 12th, 2014 and was able to cinch the title of Europe’s “first” Bitcoin Embassy.  Bitcoin Embassy Warsaw’s operators are currently in talks with Bitcoin ATM manufacturers and there will soon be a Bitcoin ATM on site at the Bitcoin Embassy.  The Polish Bitcoin Embassy also plans to service the Polish mining community by offering classes and actual hardware for sale.

La Maison Du BTC Opens In France

Not to be outdone, La Maison Du BTC also officially opened its doors today, 5/13/14.  Eric Larchevêque is the CEO of La Maison Du BTC and Thomas France is the co-founder. La Maison Du BTC offers coworking space to fledgling Bitcoin startups, of which there are many.  Also, La Maison Du BTC will be working to increase Bitcoin’s presence in the local media by hosting weekly events.  Hackathons, weekly Bitcoin entrepreneurial presentations, La Maison Du BTC has taken to the streets of Paris to spread the word.  Much like the Bitcoin Embassy in Montreal, La Maison Du BTC will provide co-working space for Bitcoin “cointrepreneurs” and has affordable plans for office space rental.  The spread of Bitcoin through Europe is at a fever pitch with Bitcoin 2014 about to kick off in Amsterdam.  In Europe and elsewhere around the world, Bitcoin embassies are popping up.  All of you are the ambassadors.

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