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March 20, 2014 12:05 AM

Site Raising Money To Free Silk Road Owner

Ross Ulbricht, the alleged founder of the notorious Silk Road drug exchange under the online name of “Dread Pirate Roberts”, has had his trial date set to November after pleading not guilty in his hearing. Some supporters of Ulbricht have founded a website to try to raise donations for his defense trial which is set in November. Ulbricht is charged with running an illegal drug operation, and attempting to hire someone to kill one of the users in the silk road. says they need help with the case and that:
“No donation is too small.Credit card, PayPal, bitcoin all work to help defend Ross, Internet privacy and our personal liberty. We need lawyers and forensic experts, and they are expensive. Please help us pay them!”
Ulbricht’s family has created a video that portrays Ross as a caring and kind individual, and they try to convince us that he is innocent and not the drug king-pin he is accused to be. Ulbricht’s family and friends are trying to raise money and in their campaign, have stated that the outcome of this case could lead to new laws being imposed on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Supreme Court cases often lead to new laws and regulations being passed based on the outcome, and this case could influence the future of Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies depending on the results. Even with the perfect team of lawyers and investigators, if Ulbricht is guilty of a crime, he will likely not be acquitted of charges. If the team proves he is innocent, Laws will likely not be passed, as result laws that inhibit the growth of The coin to become more mainstream. The website explains the potential results of the case as quoted by one of their lawyers:
“If privacy and freedom matter to you, this case should too.This case opens up new legal territory and the government is poised to use it to make Internet and financial law and set legal precedent. Depending on the outcome, more government control and intrusion could be ushered in and we will be forced to live with it. “It is traditional for the government to exploit high profile cases and sensational charges to make bad law. ” Ross’ attorney, Joshua L. Dratel”

Ulbricht is a University of Texas a Dallas graduate, over his time at the school, he earned several honors in the nanotech program. The university has taken down all honorable mentions of his name and removed any links that would link the school to him. Traces of those links and mentions can still be found on Google, however, most of them are broken and lead to an error page. The school newspaper has called UTD’s actions a:
“Scorched-earth approach to public relations as irresponsible and reactionary”
UTD has burned all ties to Ulbricht and it is very hard to find him on the school websites. I attend UTD and have seen his name on the Nanotech board just this fall, however, now it is nowhere to be found.
The outcome of this case could bring significant changes for Bitcoin As we know it. takes donations in Paypal, checks, and Bitcoin.

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