mtgox login march 17
Mt. Gox’s landing page, with log-in access.
mtgox login march 17
Mt. Gox’s landing page, with log-in access.

Early in the morning Japan time, Tuesday, suddenly began allowing former users to log in to their accounts in order to check their wallet balances.

Without warning, the following message appeared on the website, below two input boxes:

Important announcement to all users confirming their account
This balance confirmation service is provided on this site only for the convenience of all users.
Please be aware that confirming the balance on this site does not constitute a filing of rehabilitation claims under the civil rehabilitation procedure and note that the balance amounts shown on this site should also not be considered an acknowledgment by MtGox Co., Ltd. of the amount of any rehabilitation claims of users.
Rehabilitation claims under a civil rehabilitation procedure become confirmed from a filing which is followed by an investigation procedure. The method for filing claims will be published on this site as soon as we will be in situation to announce it.

No one is sure why this happened, perhaps it is Mt. Gox’s way of demonstrating that they still intend to find a way to reimburse users after the exchange filed bankruptcy earlier this month.

Based on user reports (and my own), the balances displayed for BTC and fiat holdings are accurate.

Withdrawals that were attempted just before the site shutdown do not appear to show up in the associated account.

Some observers questioned whether the website had been hacked in order to phish for passwords; no evidence of such an attack exists at this time.  However, faith is understandably running thin for the security of the website that lost 6% of all existing Bitcoin in addition to being hacked last week.

The one thing that is certain is that a symbolic action with no announced purpose or meaning is not uncharacteristic of the plagued exchange.

So log in, have fun, and wave to the Bitcoin you once had.

CryptoCoinsNews will be monitoring any potential developments in this story as it happens.  Thank you.