February 4, 2014 1:17 AM UTC

Book Hotels with Bitcoins via

Back in November, began accepting Bitcoin for booking flights after a customer inquired, “Can I pay with Bitcoin for my flight?” This request was forwarded to CheapAir CEO Jeff Klee, and soon, the company adopted Bitcoin payments for flights. Back then, stated,

“For now, we’re only accepting Bitcoin for flight bookings made on We hope to extend this payment option in the near future to hotels and flights booked via our iOS app.”

Looks like they meant what they said, because today, announced that users can now make hotel reservations using Bitcoin.

Stay here. Pay in BTC.

It’s not surprising that they would make this move, because as Klee stated a while ago,

“We’ve been really pleasantly surprised by the response [to us supporting BTC]…We’re making a lot more Bitcoin sales than we expected to make.” isn’t the only travel service to embrace BTC. PointsHound lets users book hotels, and earn various rewards, including Bitcoin, for hotel stays.
While accepts BTC for flight and hotel bookings, they company has to exchange the Bitcoins for U.S. dollars, so that it can make reservations with the respective flights and hotels. At the moment, virtually no airlines or hotels accept BTC, which makes it difficult for the travel industry to embrace Bitcoin. Klee remarked,

“Until [airlines and hotels] start accepting Bitcoin, it’s a little bit difficult for third-party companies to do it…The suppliers will be the ones to dictate how widespread they are.”

Hopefully the hotel industry and airline industry will adopt Bitcoin soon as it continues to grow in popularity.

Neil Sardesai @neilsardesai

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