Bloodborne Might Be Coming to PC – Here’s Why You Should Get Excited

There's a rumor going around that Bloodborne will be coming to PC soon, and it's probably going to upset that certain group of people again.

It's about time Bloodborne came to PC. | Source: charnsitr/

  • According to Respawn First, a Bloodborne PC version is rumored to be in production.
  • Other PlayStation exclusives are being ported to PC and have drawn ire from a specific subset of people.
  • No matter what the detractors say, Bloodborne coming to PC is excellent news.

Games like Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding have been making headlines for coming to PC. Now it looks like Bloodborne might be following suit.

According to Respawn First, a PC version of Bloodborne may be in development. The game is one of the few From Software ‘Soulesborne’ games not already on PC.

As much as people hate PC ports of exclusives, Bloodborne’s transition to PC is great news for gamers.

Some people see games like Horizon Zero Dawn coming to PC as a devaluing of the PlayStation brand. | Source: Twitter

Bloodborne Deserves a PC Port

Of all the games coming to PC, Bloodborne feels the most deserving. It is one of the few games in the series that isn’t available on PC. Without it, PC gamers haven’t been able to get the full Soulsborne experience.

And modding the game has been nearly impossible. A PC port would, presumably, have the same level of mod support that the rest of the series currently enjoys.

More than almost any other game, the community around Bloodborne is important. A PC version would finally allow that community to delve deeper into the hidden content and files that make it so interesting.

There’s Probably Going to Be Backlash

A select group of people isn’t happy about these ports. To many, seeing PlayStation exclusives coming to PC is like seeing the brand devalued. As someone who games on both consoles and PC, it’s hard to see where they’re coming from.

What does the worth of any particular brand have to do with us consumers? Even if PC ports of PlayStation games did reduce the brand’s value, the experience for the end-user is the same.

Now we just need Spider-Man to come to PC, and the trifecta will be complete.

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