Blockonomics Made Emailing Bitcoin as Easy as Adding Emojis

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For those who’ve been around for a couple years now, you might be familiar with Blockonomics. If you’ve ever needed to double-check a Bitcoin transaction, chances are you used their highly popular BlockExplorer.

Bitcoin might have seen better valuation days but it still remains as the king of e-commerce transactions. The cryptocurrency still offers lower transaction fees than those of PayPal, credit card, or bank transfers. Unlike their more famous rivals, Bitcoin offers a public ledger preventing fraud and chargebacks — all your Bitcoin transactions remain secure in its blockchain.

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Run a Charity, a Business, or a Personal Venture with Blockonomics

Blockonomics offers a payment solution which is both decentralized and permissionless. Its platform is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and it’s taking Bitcoin payments to the next level. Whether you are invoicing a client, running a successful online store, or gathering funds for a charitable cause, Blockonomics has focused on allowing you to accept Bitcoin directly.

A personal favorite of mine is the ability to generate P2P invoices straight from their homepage. All you need is a Bitcoin wallet address and you’re good to go. As an online entrepreneur and cryptocurrency enthusiast, you can understand why I would find this feature so useful. If you’re in the same boat, now you know you can keep easily invoice anyone — no need to go through PayPal invoices again.

You might be thinking, “Sure, collecting funds for charity sounds neat, but what if they don’t have a wallet address?” Just send it via email! Yes, that’s a thing. Blockonomics allows you to send your Bitcoin using just an email address. Once you send the funds, you will receive a part of the private key, while Blockonomics will receive the other part. Only the recipient will receive the full details of the private key and be able to claim the funds. This presents an added level of security — if Blockonomics ever gets hacked, there is nothing to be stolen if only half of the key is available.

For merchants, Blockonomics offers an easy setup to allow businesses to receive Bitcoin payments. The platform is currently available in over 2000+ stores worldwide, and that number is likely to grow in the future. Using an open source plugin, you can set it up on your store in five minutes or less. All the major hard drive wallets are supported, such as mycelium, tremor, or ledger. Its high-end invoicing system is also top-notch — you can receive email notifications, or access a history of transactions. It’s currently integrated with Magento, WordPress, Prestashop, or you can simply have it on your custom website. Future integrations include Shopify, Wix, and Lightning Network.

Its ICO presale just started which means now is the right time to get involved. The presale will run until July 31, during which investors will receive a 20% bonus for their purchases. If you’re a merchant and you’re using their platform — or planning on it, — you might want to consider jumping aboard the BCK Coin train. If you allow your customers to pay you in BCK, you won’t be charged any fees, as you will be supporting the platform’s own coin. Blockonomics also promises rewards and bonuses whenever BCK is used, instead of Bitcoin, for example. BCK’s effective price at the moment is roughly US$0.017, and it will rise to US$0.02 once the main sale starts.

You can access their website at, and check the full details of their ICO at