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April 23, 2020 1:10 PM UTC

Blockchain Technology Platform BlockBen Creates Digital Gold on Ethereum Platform

Gold, the most reliable means of payment in human history, is now available digitally, in a secure way guaranteed by blockchain technology. BlockBen has created BlockNoteX (BNOX), a digital asset with a 100 percent gold deposit on the Ethereum platform.
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BlockBen, an Estonian IT and financial service provider developing in-house blockchain technology, has issued a new digital asset, called BNOX. The new digital asset is backed by a 100 percent gold deposit on the Ethereum blockchain and is fully integrated into the BlockBen system. By creating BNOX, BlockBen is making gold, the most reliable means of payment, available digitally as well, in a secure way guaranteed by blockchain technology.

The market value of gold has increased by more than one-third per ounce over the past one year. As gold offers stability and security, investors are becoming more and more interested in the precious metal, even during current times of global economic uncertainty. 

100 units of BNOX equal to 1 gram of gold, as the physical and digital gold varying linearly with each other. BlockBen purchases the purest physical investment gold available with 0.9999% purity through an LBMA’ a wholesale partner. As part of our Client Protection Principles (CPP), the insured gold is stored safely in Zurich, Switzerland, with all deposited precious stones (gold) being registered under its owner’s name. In case the Ethereum wallet gets hacked or the digital login details are lost, our CPP provides clients with an opportunity for damage control. This feature is not only exclusive in the cryptocurrency industry but also aligns with the recommendations of the Financial Stability Board (FSB).

The financial service provider, BlockBen was established in Estonia, and is therefore regulated within the European Union. The business model and fees of BNOX were created to remain sustainable, offering a wide range of security, flexibility and liquidity, while also providing a FIAT gateway. The BlockBenPay Wallet provides an opportunity to receive and transfer euro to the client’s bank account, thus ensuring FIAT gateway for BNOX.

The digital asset, BNOX is listed on P2PB2B exchange, the currently fastest growing crypto exchange, on BNOX / BTC, BNOX / USD, BNOX / USDT pairs.

BNOX can be purchased by anyone on the stock exchange and it can also be placed in your ETH wallet after registered with BlockBenPay Wallet. With Ethereum public blockchain the greatest advantage is that it guarantees a wide range of usability for investors and buyers”. – said Viktor Bodnár, CEO of BlockBen. 

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