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Lead: Modern soccer, like many other things nowadays, suffers from the scarcity of spontaneous and truly direct interactions. The fan vibe is being killed by unnecessarily artificial and strictly commercial interactions with their favorite football stars.

Older soccer players acknowledge the situation as well, with Stan Bowles — a 70s football star — reported by The Guardian saying “There are some brilliant players, don’t get me wrong, but no characters. They can’t relate to the fans anymore.”

Complicated dynamics and interactions between brand sponsorships, the media, and commercial relationships, have generated a situation in which who has control over those, controls the entire space, according to Forbes.

That’s the case, according to the article, because sponsorships bring legal terms and conditions with them. Those terms chain the players to programmed appearances and endorsements that give birth to unnecessarily artificial and not spontaneous interactions with fans.

The media plays a role in this process as well, since they tend to exacerbate the situation by mass broadcasting such paid performances further. The article concludes that “utilizing blockchain technology, the reduction and/or elimination of these intermediaries will always be the fundamental backbone.”

A decentralized football

The 433 Token project is tackling the issues described above by applying decentralization to some aspects of soccer. Enabling direct interactions between the players and the fans seems to be at the forefront of the platform’s objectives.

The players will be able — for instance — to create auctions, where the winners of such auctions, will be granted personal interaction with them. An example cited in the one-pager is fan versus professional player friendly matches.

The same document also illustrates a function of the platform that is meant to let fans undertake decisions concerning the teams they root for.

However, the project goes much further than enabling simple interactions with players. The developers want to let users help and closely follow the development of potential future superstars. The way they are trying to achieve that is by granting fans the possibility of sponsoring the mentoring of youth talent by legends.

The most popular dApp?

Soccer has an estimated 4 billion followers worldwide, so the target audience of this application is promising.

To help promote the platform, Paul Scholes (Manchester United legend, 11-times English Premier League champion) and Andriy Shevchenko (AC Milan legend, UEFA Champions League Top Scorer, Ballon d’Or winner), have both engaged partnerships with 433 Token. Furthermore, the roadmap promises that more “football legends” will join in by the end of this year and even more in the first quarter of 2020, when the fully featured platform is meant to launch.

The dApp under development by this project is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, and the underlying token complies to the ERC-20 standard. At press time, the most popular Ethereum application, IDEX, had just slightly under 1,600 active users in the past 24 hours.

Considering the just-mentioned data, the target audience of the application means that it could potentially become the most popular application on the platform.

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