This Blockchain Startup Offers Password-Less Protection to Deposit Photos

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In a recent announcement by promising blockchain-based startup REMME, the platform will be used to safeguard the accounts of users on the Deposit Photos, including personal financial details from photo purchases.

The new partnership highlights the forward thinking aspirations of Deposit Photos, as well as active use cases for the new REMME password-less access system.

The internet has been plagued with hacking problems, and the risk for users with online data only continues to increase. A simple Google search turns up massive numbers of hacking issues where databases of usernames and passwords have been compromised. The recent Equifax hack notwithstanding, the risk for consumers continues to grow.

What is REMME?

REMME is the first platform of its kind, able to provide access to users without the need for password verification. The platform is designed to offer the absolute best in security by utilizing the distributed ledger of blockchain technology in order to protect and secure user information.

The platform is able to grant users access without passwords by providing for user authentication using a combination of SSL certificates and blockchain technology. Every time a user signs out of any REMME-linked platform, REMME issues an immutable key to the user. When the user signs back in, the key is revoked, and can never be valid.

By linking the SSL certification process to the blockchain, the company is able to allow users to determine whether a certificate is still valid or has been revoked. A valid certificate means that the user is authenticated, simply by the connection with the blockchain. A revoked certificate means that a different hacker or bot is seeking access to data on the server, and the REMME system would block that user.

Plus, REMME uses two-factor authentication (2FA) that can be used with various applications or bots that are widely available. While 2FA is not actually necessary, given the security to the REMME system, it provides a secondary component of protection for consumer confidence.

What is Deposit Photos?

Deposit Photos is a website dedicated to stock photography for the burgeoning web and print media industry. The site offers users access to literally millions of extremely high-quality stock images, videos, and fresh news images in a wide variety of topic areas.

The site currently offers user access through secure passwords, but has partnered with REMME to provide true password-less security for its users and to better safeguard user payment details and information. With REMME’s platform in place, consumers on the site can have full confidence that their information is being stored securely.

REMME Pilot Program Starting

REMME has officially announced its Pilot Program for companies to join as the platform is being exposed to the public after a very successful beta test launch. The Pilot Program has been accepting applications from various online portals from October 17 and will continue until December 17.

On December 20, the REMME team will evaluate the entries and choose ten companies that fit well with the platform as viable use cases. After submitting an application, the REMME team will be in touch to determine the technical details for implementation.

Sale is on

The REMME platform is growing and use cases are already appearing everywhere, as the partnership with Deposit Photos shows. As the company ramps up and begins searching for companies that are serious about user safety and security, they’ve determined that a token sale will be fund the project. The pre-sale for tokens begins on December 4, and users can be notified about specifics by signing up for the telegram channel.  

For more technical information on how the REMME platform can keep consumers safe, and for specific details of how integration is possible, check out REMME’s white paper here. With a strong business application already coming together, token buyers will need to be ready to jump in when the sale opens.