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Blockchain Startup Aeron Announces Crowdsale for its Decentralized Aviation Record System

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Aeron is announcing the official start date for the token sale event is September 19th, 2017. After a successful presale in September, the Aeron team is launching the public sale of their token which will provide the opportunity for the public to purchase ARN tokens and be part of the first wave of users on the innovative Aeron Register ecosystem.

Aeron is a software company lead by Artem Orange building a global decentralized aviation record system called Aeron Register and focused on flight safety. Powered by blockchain technology, this comprehensive online system includes a global aviation database accessible by online portal or mobile applications.

As every complex industry aviation uses many huge and versatile, usually isolated and sometimes outdated data systems. Discrepancies in data can cause manifold problems affecting not only revenues and operational integrity, but human lives. The key problem is pilots and flight instructors may fake flight log records to claim experience the pilot does not actually have. Apart from human error accidents are widely caused by incomplete data: whether it came about by data intrusion or just by lack of proper background on aircraft parts, maintenance logs and so on. All of these issues can be solved by blockchain technology creating immutable records for flight logs and maintenance databases.

Aeron Register system can track pilot and aircraft log records which are stored in blockchain, available for public audit and can’t be forged. It could facilitate data exchange on every step of communication between clients, airports, aircraft maintenance and service companies. Thus, all people, involved in operating and flying an aircraft use customized apps  – pilots for personal flight logging, aviation companies to collect and verify log data from flight schools, aircraft operators, fixed base operators and others. The Aeron Register system can be also applied to aircraft maintenance records and tracking of spare parts, to confirm that spare parts are authentic and maintenance has been performed according to standards.

In September, Aeron successfully launched a presale of ARN tokens which raised over $1 million USD, demonstrating high interest among cryptocommunity, investors and aviation industry. Now Aeron team is announcing the full sale of their token that is starting on Tuesday, September 19th, 2017.

Additional token sale details:

  • Tokens available for sale: 60 million ARN
  • Tokens price: 1 ARN = $0.5 USD
  • Bonus tokens are offered to the early buyers
  • Timeline: September 19 – October 23
  • Crowdsale opens: 00:00 UTC, September 19, 2017

Konstantin Gertman, Chief development officer of Aeron comments: “We saw big opportunity for blockchain to revolutionise an outdated system. The advantages of the blockchain is that information is safely stored, can not be falsified and is completely transparent to all the users. It is secured by a multi-sig authentication system, preventing any data alteration. Our long-term aim is to create “airline in a pocket” with a convenient user interface for engagement with the blockchain.”

To learn more about the Aeron and participate in the token sale, please visit the website https://aeron.aeron and reach out at

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