Blockchain Powered Video Sharing Platform Gains Ground: Viuly Crosses 1,000,000 User Mark


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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then surely a video is worth a thousand pictures. The internet has changed many sectors, whether industrial, financial or entrepreneur. The ability to cheaply reach out to people all over the world has fundamentally changed how things work.

Before the popular use of video sharing platforms, content creators would have a hard time finding distributors and television stations that would agree to air their videos. A lot of financial feasibility was involved. The cost of making videos was also high. Modern platforms enable anyone to shoot a video, practically on any subject and length; and upload it to their systems to allow people to view the contents. Now, each individual can have his own video channel.

Breaking Barriers: One Million Plus Users

Most video sharing platforms are (like any other business) out there to make money. They charge people to upload their videos, swamp it with intrusive advertising and charge viewers. This still makes watching and sharing videos expensive. Thousands of video uploaders are denied audience either because the sharing platform has limited services in potential viewers’ geographical locations, simply because viewers find it too expensive to pay and watch.

Viuly is a decentralized video sharing platform that has made it possible for content creators to upload their videos for free. The platform aims to disrupt the current video sharing economy and provide services that are cheaper and less ad intrusive so that creators and viewers can enjoy videos.

Viuly has been a success with video makers and content viewers. This is evident since active user base crossed the 1,000,000 mark this week. The platform has seen a surge of users and more than 700,000 people signed up in the last three months alone. With a daily average visit of 250,000 people, the platform has more than 70,000 channels that have a combined 260,000 plus videos uploaded.

Viuly and Blockchain

Many video creators are frustrated since the platforms take away a major earning in the form of commissions and viewers are spammed with ads that pop up in front of the video, annoying them. Viuly, by harnessing the power of Blockchain, eliminates the middleman, allowing content creators to earn what they deserve. The platform also incentivize users through active participations and interactions. Through this, Viuly is tapping into the estimated $30,000,000 market and growing strong.

Using its internal token, the VIU, it lets uploaders to earn through it, without taking any commission. Only a minuscule percentage is charged as a transaction fee. Tokens earned are redeemable through conversion in Bitcoin or can be used to further buy various advertising services.

The success story does not end here. The popularity of the platform has been noticed. Krypton Capital, a Blockchain investing firm has already pledged EUR 150,000. With the help of the investment, the platform will be able to further its cause.

For more information on the decentralized video sharing platform, visit their website:

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