Blockchain Powered Content Sharing Marketplace Rally Launches Airdrop Offering 2 Billion Rally Tokens

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Rally, a user-centric marketplace for content sharing built on Ethereum, has just started the Rally Airdrop with an allocation of a whopping two billion Rally coins as rewards for new users joining, referring and engaging. The platform is dedicated to revolutionizing the concept of content sharing through transparency and decentralization, bypassing digital monopolies and empowering individual users by placing them at the center of the value chain.

August 8, 2018: Rally is delighted to announce that their much awaited Rally Airdrop has now gone live. A content sharing platform like none other, Rally has built a platform that rewards its users for sharing and engaging with content they like for crypto rewards. Rally Airdrop is open for all, and all potential users can now join and start earning Rally tokens immediately. With two billion (forty percent of overall tokens) allocated as Airdrop rewards, Rally claims this to be the largest bucket of token allocation in the industry.   

“Centralized social platforms have created hundreds of billions of dollars of value through the contributions and actions of their users, unfortunately, users received none of this value,” said James Cashiola, the Founder of Rally. “We are changing this; ninety percent of all Rally Coin is being allocated directly to marketplace participants, we want the broadest adoption possible with the most transparency possible.”

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The ongoing Rally Airdrop provides a not-be-missed opportunity for users to earn Rally Tokens. There is no limit to the amount of tokens that can be earned by joining, referring and engaging. The purpose of the Airdrop is to build the Rally community while facilitating the distribution and sharing of rewards to all stakeholders.  

To truly reward users for the value they create, Rally has implemented a new incentive system called Community Royalties.  This program rewards users not only when they refer new users, but also each time their referred users earn tokens.

The Rally Coin can be used by the users to:

  • Redeem prizes, goods or services from advertisers.
  • Accumulate tokens for a higher rank, receive badges and awards.
  • Send tokens to other users on the platform.
  • To promote their content and incentivize other users to engage.
  • Sell back to advertisers.

The advertisers will be able to use Rally Coin as a payback system to:

  • Put an advertisement through the Rally website.
  • Reward users sharing or liking their content.
  • Buyback tokens from users through rewards and special offers.

Rally has built its content sharing platform based on the Ethereum blockchain to address the critical requirements such as transparency, security, incentives, and attribution. Use of blockchain will allow them to record user contributions and reward actions that boost the value of the platform. The proprietary token of the platform is known as the Rally Coin (RALLY).

To sign up for the Rally Airdrop, learn about its rewards program and earn Rally coin, please visit

About Rally: Rally is dedicated to reclaiming content sharing, taking it back from social media platforms, attributing fair value to it, decentralizing it and putting power back in the individual’s hands. The platform rewards users to distribute an advertiser’s content to their individual social network. This allows the advertiser to shift their advertisement budget to the user who, by sharing the content, gives it their recommendation and increases its effectiveness.

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