Blockchain Innovator Unites with Global Social Network to Battle Digital Theft in the Creative Industry

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Shanghai - In one of the first collaborations of its kind, China-based blockchain trailblazer Primas will provide U.S.-based creative social network SohoMuse with a full range of services based on blockchain technology, including Decentralized Trusted Content Protocol (DTCP), economic incentives, and decentralized crawlers.

Through the strategic alliance, Primas enables SohoMuse to bring the highest level of transparency, trustworthiness and safety into their platform, as well as various sectors of the Creative Industry. Primas will use the revolutionary DTCP to create metadata for every individual creator on SohoMuse and generate a unique DNA. No matter how far and wide the content spreads on the internet, content will be linked to its creator. All the metadata is extracted for all kinds of information and links between them are created. The metadata and links will then be recorded on the blockchain to make them tamper-proof and traceable. By adding another dimension of data to all the information, DTCP makes the information itself more trustworthy and usable.

SohoMuse has long been exploring blockchain and its potential applications for its members, and both companies share a common goal for the safety of content and protection of intellectual property.  In the first half of 2014, digital theft accounted for over $275 billion in lost revenues in the U.S. Entertainment industry alone (DPE Fact Sheet).

The partnership was announced at the Primas press conference. SohoMuse co-founder Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin said, “SohoMuse and Primas have incredible synergy as well as a shared vision for the future of distributing content. Our goal has always been for our members to work more efficiently and network more effectively, all within a secure and trusted ecosystem of fellow professionals.” Kitty Lan, co-founder of Primas added, "Our companies will work together to make the internet a safer place for Creatives in the global Creative Industry.”

Under the strategic partnership, Primas and SohoMuse are already looking for more ways collaborate in the future. Primas will assist SohoMuse in expanding into Asian markets like China, Japan and South Korea. SohoMuse will in turn enable Primas to expand their presence with a  broader and deeper layout for content ecology in the U.S. and local communities.

Designed for creative professionals, SohoMuse is equal parts community and portfolio platform. The visually rich vertical social network is an online space where Creatives from all fields can showcase their work, network and collaborate with other members, and source the best talent for their projects from virtually anywhere around the world.

Primas uses blockchain technology to ensure the credibility of content, and uses economic incentives to accelerate the generation and circulation of high-quality content. Primas provides a credibility system to better protect and distribute artworks, and makes tracing the works on the Internet a much easier task.


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