Now Has Over 1 Million Wallets

January 6, 2014 19:48 UTC

Blockchain is an online Bitcoin wallet service that started in 2013. With a little less than 100,000 users in its early days, Blockchain has seen massive growth in its user base with 500,000 wallets by October 2013 and now over one million wallets by January 2014. The online wallet company is very excited about the future of the service, stating,

“The growth seen over the past year has happened during a pivotal time for bitcoin. Blockchain plans to build this milestone into an outreach opportunity for bitcoin newbies and enthusiasts.”

It’s also likely that the 1 millionth user will be in for some big BTC prizes, seeing as the 500,000th user was awarded 10 BTC. So if you opened a Blockchain account recently, cross your fingers because you might be the lucky 1 millionth user.

Blockchain has grown quite a bit since its initial launch with the recent purchase of ZeroBlock. It’ll be interesting to see what new things Blockchain has in store for its users in 2014.

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