Is Down For Unscheduled Maintenance, Due To Issue With Database Not Shared Coin

March 17, 2014 20:06 UTC

Update: has stated that the issue is a database one, and the site would not be back online for at least several hours.

It all started earlier today when Redditor /u/obione88 posted to /r/Bitcoin about a Shared Coin Transaction Error. staff on Reddit promptly responded to the post.  Additionally, they announced that the SharedCoin feature would be taken offline while they investigated.

Soon after, posted to their blog that SharedCoin would be suspended temporarily.  They also provided answers as to the specific issue that was causing issues with the SharedCoin function.

We have temporarily suspended Shared Coin transactions while investigating some transactions that are “stuck”.  The particular transaction in question is  Rebroadcasting this transaction in bitcoind results in Error code -22.

At 1:14 CDT, updated both their blog post and their official twitter account to announce that

“Shared Coin has been re-enabled.”

Less than half an hour after said announcement, at 1:35 PM, posted to twitter announcing that they would be back shortly.

On, this page currently stands with a link to the Twitter account as explanation:’s wallet is now inaccessible to thousands of users around the world.  The Blockchain blog which originally had updates on the SharedCoin’s temporary suspension has been updated and an entirely new blogpost by Andreas explains the situation entirely.

What Is Shared Coin?

Up until a few months ago, only had an in-house Shared Send functionality that allowed users to “Route transactions through a shared wallet breaking the chain of transactions.”  On November 17th 2013, Blockchain announced that they would be implementing the opensource CoinJoin to provide Shared Coin to its users.  In short, Shared Coin allows wallet users to obfuscate the trail of their Bitcoins by joining coins from many Shared Coin users, mixing them, before redistributing the coins.

For more information on CoinJoin, especially in contrast to Zerocoin and other Coin Mixing services, check out  their thread.

For more information on the difference between shared send and shared coin for, visit this thread.

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