Blockchain iGaming Platform TrueGame Completes Token Sales

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Get Exclusive Analysis and Investing Ideas of Future Assets on Join the community today and get up to $400 in discount by using the code: "CCN+Hacked". Sign up here.

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TrueGame has successfully completed their token sale and is set to launch the platform later this year, alongside a wide range of products.

Expanding Market But Suspicious Consumers

The online gambling market is expected to exceed $50 billion by the end of this year, but players have never really trusted the house. It’s very tempting for the house to keep money for themselves, whether that’s at casinos or in conventional online rooms.

Dmitry Danilov, CEO of Truegame, said:

“In an age where player protection is under increasing scrutiny and the integrity of some of the world’s biggest gaming operators is under regular question, we saw the huge potential for an iGaming model where there is complete transparency between the player and the ‘house’.

TrueGame is First iGaming Platform Based on Smart Contracts

Thanks to the blockchain and smart contracts, TrueGame will offer a provably fair system, where all winnings can be tracked on the blockchain, which are sent automatically.

He Added:

“We are the first to launch a working iGaming platform that is based on smart contract technology and we will move fast and work hard to ensure we gain market share in what will become a strong and competitive marketplace in years to come; one that could rival and even eventually surpass the iGaming industry as we currently know it.”

With TrueGame being the first of many new gambling platforms to come that gives the power back to players, TrueGame will revolutionize how online gambling is conducted.

The random generator used also makes players have a fair chance, where luck and mathematical probability are the only things that decide if a player hits it big or strikes out. TrueGame relies on random combinations received from the blockchain, and users can even examine the code on their Github.

The smart contact gambling platform will allow users to use their TGAME token to play on the website as well as upcoming mobile apps games such as casino, slots, scratch cards, lottery, and instant win games.

Future Plans For The Platform

Other products will be offered, as TrueGame is also working with top providers from the iGaming industry to supplement their range of in-house games.

TrueGame is in the process of being granted a gambling license from Curacao soon, and is currently in talks with other regulatory bodies worldwide.

2018 will see a plethora of new games come from the platform, an API for third party services, and an annual report starting early 2019. 2019 will focus more on marketing the product and increasing the iGaming vertical.

Visit TrueGame’s website to read their FAQ, and to register to begin playing games and winning prize. The website also has their roadmap for future developments, and support if any problems may arise. To chat with community members and the team, users can join their Telegram channel. TrueGame puts social media updates on their Twitter and Facebook accounts. Blog posts are made on their Medium, and videos are posted to their YouTube channel. Users can also check out their ICO rankings on ICO Bench and ICO Rating Agency.