Blockchain in Gaming Industry Creates an Inclusive Environment That Boosts the e-Sports Marketplace

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The art of gaming has undergone constant evolution since the ancient days of human existence. With peculiar motivations based on the era in consideration, competition turns out to be one of the natural essence of human nature.

These competitions at different times and ages have emanated from the backdrop of survival, fun, recreation, relevance and career. Hence, humankind have barely existed as an entity of competition.

Technology changes everything

With technological advancement, the gaming industry has developed into a robust marketplace and a professional ecosystem. This industrial advancement has been continually enabled by the creation of the internet and the significant changes that has occurred in cyberspace, especially within the last three decades.

In the early 90`s the gaming market barely revolved around the $100M range with just a dozen million players. However, today’s gaming industry is already worth $100Bn with 2.3Bn players worldwide, and most importantly, 1.4Bn registered users are concentrated around the top 10 most competitive titles. Eight of these are team-based games like Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Dota2 and Overwatch, all played 5x5 or 6x6.


Gaming mirrors human nature

This popularity of team games is not a surprise as it basically mirrors the outright nature of human beings. Man is naturally a social animal that tends to be more productive when cooperating or collaborating with others towards achieving a particular goal. Also, the emotional satisfaction that comes with making new friends and forming new partnerships across the virtual world are some of the things that money cannot buy.

But while it’s easy to have fun playing solo, it becomes really tough for players who want to form a team and start an amateur career.

There are over 250М such players, but only 1M teams, leaving out about 49M players seeking ways to get into the team players ecosystem. The reasons for this absence and inability to team up are not farfetched.

Imagine looking for a job without recruitment websites or growing a company with no management tools. How about communicating without e-mail or hiring staff without CVs? Sounds unrealistic? Well, that’s the reality for these players. They have no way of solving even the most essential problems, like: where can I find a team? How do I become a pro? Where can I find other teams to practice with? How do I manage my team? Where can I analyze team data?

Limitations of existing systems

Although credit goes to existing platforms and apps that serve as social environments or rallying points that game players have relied upon for connections, these platforms are plagued with numerous deficiencies. For instance, gamers who rely on Steam groups do not have the luxury of sufficient information about the game products, Reddit is complicated and difficult to navigate, especially for newbies. Forum threads do not offer enough information about a potential team-mate while ‘find-a-player-sites are usually too thinly populated, and are largely amateur efforts.

Blockchain expands opportunities

With the unlocking of blockchain & smart contract technologies  a unique opportunity is presented to provide an all-in-one solution and build a multi-billion dollar economy on one platform.

DreamTeam is an e-sports and gaming recruitment and management network that is designed to provide effective team building opportunities for gamers and expanding the multi-gaming ecosystem by building a multi-billion dollar economy on one platform.

The platform provides gamers with necessary information in areas such as:

  • Practice games database.
  • Data on teams, players, coaches, managers and analysts.
  • Tournament lists and info.

Users on the platform can also connect to services such as Profile management, Ratings engine and Big data analytics. On Dreamteam network, users will be able to effectively manage analytical tools, coaching tools, marketing tools and their own media tools. Also, the network’s marketplace is filled with earning opportunities that include sponsorship and media rights, player salaries and bonuses, tournament prize money, player transfer market and crowdfunding opportunities.

Being the first of its kind, this development is bound to expand the already vibrant e-sports and online gaming marketplace by absorbing the hitherto left-out participants, and create room for even many more new entrants into the ecosystem.

Mobile technology has been recognised as the catalyst behind the dynamic expansion of online gaming, but blockchain technology is taking the industry to another level by truly professionalizing the industry and enabling a decentralized ecosystem that empowers gamers to achieve maximum expression and benefits from their activities.

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