Blockchain Entertainment Platform SLATE Will Power the First Decentralized Video on Demand Service

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Video-on-demand and other streaming services provided by big companies like Netflix, Amazon and HBO rake in hundreds of billions of dollars in sales around the world. It is widely regarded as the next phase of innovation and future of online experience that is moving away from conventional cable TV. There is a reason why these big companies are investing a lot in creating their own shows which have bigger production budgets than regular tv channels airing on cable TV. So, the future lies in video streaming and thus, Blockchain can become a part of this revolution.

SLATE is an all-new Blockchain-based Video on Demand (BVOD) service that provides the first streaming platform to utilize the immense power of the Blockchain Technology. The platform is being developed by Binge Streaming media.


SLATE is aiming to become the first VOD service that facilitates streaming content and transparent behavioral analytics that are useful in determining the consumers’ taste. Binge is thoroughly focused on the Entertainment industry and will offer revenue sharing between content providers and creators while improving the network between the two basic pillars in the industry while mediating access to valuable network data.

Introducing STATIX

STATIX is the new mobile app developed by the the SLATE team for the entertainment discovery and ticketing. Consumers will be able to choose between top rated content using independent authentic reviews and earn significant discounts and access to entertainment events like movie screenings, concerts, plays, gallery openings in museums and major sporting events across the world.

The STATIX will incentivize returning users with loyalty rewards and offer unrivalled entertainment experience. The review system is incentivized by the platforms native cryptocurrency, Slate token Rewards (SLX). The tickets are secondary tokens on the Slate Blockchain and they are resistant to forgery and securely transferable in the secondary marketplace.

The Working of SLATE

SLATE is a decentralized entertainment utility protocol that is powered by a cryptologically secure multi-layered network. The system will soon be able to provide low-cost, high-speed, HD video streaming services around the world and facilitate live event ticketing on the transparency of Blockchain itself.

THe SLATE network has a primary network for the distributed ledger and a secondary network for the storing of videos for viewing. Masternode operators will be incentivized with SLX tokens and thus a chance to earn passive income. These service providers are always motivated to provide an always-on global network.

SLATE Token Generation Event

The initial Token Generation Event of SLATE will see 48% of the total tokens up for sale. Earlier purchasers get fair benefits and discounts up to 45%.  The sale price is set at $0.2 per SLX token and starts at 5% bonus and the price gradually increases to $0.35.

The pre-sale starts on May 11th and runs through May 26 2018. Users can registers now to get whitelisted for the incoming token event.

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