Blockchain-Based Solar Power Initiative Solareum Launches Platform and SLRM Token

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The solar platform is already a sizeable contributor to the world’s grid with its green energy alternative to the conventional sources of energy gaining popularity. More than 76 Gigawatts of solar power was installed in 2017 alone, a 50% increase from 2016. It is expected that the solar power will soon overtake coal as the single biggest source of electricity around the world in the coming decades.

Blockchain and Solar power are the perfect match for each other as they eliminate the need of having a government sponsor and allows the masses to rely on themselves as far as power generation is concerned. Solareum is a new Blockchain-powered solar marketplace that has announced its new platform and SLRM token. The Solareum initiative will allow users to buy renewable products and claim back tokens for producing renewable energy around the world. Solareum aims to be a major service provider in the trillion dollar industry with its innovations.

Solareum’s Key Features

At the core, Solareum aims to become the single biggest market for renewable energy around the world. It is incorporating individual and consumers alike, and recently made a guest presentation at the United Nations Youth Assembly through its CEO, Kenneth Reece. Solareum aims to prove its commitment to the greener tomorrow with its innovative platform.

Solareum uses Ethereum Smart contracts to its advantage that helps in it developing into a dynamic, transparent and fully decentralized service provider in the sector. The platform hopes to be adopted by major renewable companies in the near future that will help enhance competition.

Solareum Believes in Doing Good

Seamless communication and outreach is one of the key components of the Solareum initiative – at the touch of a button or a tap of a smart device. The decentralized solar marketplace will allow a P2P exchange and B2B environment for the exchange between sellers and the community. The industry-leading standards of anonymity with the help of blockchain will also by upheld by the blockchain-based company.

Users will be able to select a solar provider from around the world and have it installed at competitive costs thus making it cheaper and more accessible than before. While solar panels and their equipment cost has been reduced substantially, the service charges are still quite a lot and may make the difference between installation or deferment by potential users.

Solareum aims to disrupt this industry and help the planet become cleaner and greener for the future. It gives users advice as well on how to install the perfect solar system that fits their pocket and set of requirements, backed by an investment fund that is based on leading cryptocurrencies.

Solareum Token Generation Event

The native token of the Solareum is called the SLRM and is undergoing a crowdfunding token generation campaign directly from its website. The exchange rate right now is $0.70 per SLRM and the hard cap is set at 42.2 million in honor of Earth day which is celebrated each year on 4/22. The system currently accepts 14 major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripply, Bitcoin Cash, ZCash, Litecoin, Cardano, Monero, Dash, GoldCoin, VertCoin, NEO, DigitByte and others.

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