Blockchain-Based Platform NAMAHE Introduces Ethical Disruption in Supply Chain Management

May 24, 2018
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Namahe’s crowdfunding begins today through the NMH token pre-sale

May 24, 2018. Singapore – Namahe announces today a high-level agreement with SEWA Bharat, a renowned organization specialized in improving women’s working conditions in developing countries since 1984. This adds up to recent partnerships with Soap Co., an ethical luxury brand employing disadvantaged people, and Rootstale, an organization of women hand artisans from India.

Child labour, wage exploitation and poor working conditions are common in many supply chains, especially in the fashion industry. However, since many of these occur to those working in informal employment it is often difficult to track or act upon. Namahe seeks to change this by creating the first blockchain-based supply chain solution, integrating all the different levels of the supply chain, including workers, suppliers and retailers all into one transparent solution.

SEWA Bharat agreed to become a testing partner for the platform, enabling Namahe to develop tools and processes in line with the requirements for workers on the ground.

SEWA is looking forward to the Namahe platform to bring transparency in the global value chain. We expect it to impact lives of millions of invisible home-based workers, making global trade more ethical and responsible”, said Ms. Sanchita Mitra, National Coordinator at SEWA Bharat.

By assisting companies with sustainable, ethical sourcing of labour and materials, our project will kick-start a new generation of value chains, with ethics and sustainability firmly in mind”, said Kumar Mudaliar, co-founder of Namahe.

Brands adopting Namahe’s solution will show full transparency of their supply chain, therefore avoiding negative publicity, saving on big audits and maintaining customer loyalty. Namahe estimates the market for their platform to approach $350 million USD per year by 2020.

Namahe is launching the first phase of their crowdfunding today, with their NMH token being available for purchase in a public pre-sale on Early investors can take advantage of a 20% discount during the first two weeks.

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About Namahe Limited: Namahe was first founded in 2010 by Ajay Lakhwani and Kumar Mudaliar. The company is now based in Singapore and employs a team of 10. Namahe wants to leverage blockchain and A.I. to revolutionize supply chain management. Brands adopting Namahe will allow transparency and security of their supply chain, therefore saving on big audits and ensuring ethical sourcing. Namahe represents a major opportunity to introduce a disruptive idea that addresses both inefficiencies in the value chain and social inequalities. In May 2018, Namahe received the « World’s Greatest Brand 2017-2018 Asia » award in the Technology & Sustainability category.