Blockchain-Based Platform Aims to Build AI Apps

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Get Exclusive Analysis and Investing Ideas of Future Assets on Join the community today and get up to $400 in discount by using the code: "CCN+Hacked". Sign up here.

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At the core of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) production cycle, people play a fundamental role. Although 80% of AI success is based on pure data, machine learning datasets are still hand labeled, demanding a lot of human effort. Following the completion of a dataset, AI models must be created by data scientists.

The world of AI is paved with misconception. The current state is not about superintelligence, computational power, or sophisticated algorithms, like most people think. The focus is on labeled data and cognitive-based tasks such as pattern recognition.

Dbrain, a Blockchain platform dedicated to collectively building AI apps, aims to link AI developers and businesses with crowd workforces from low-income countries. The scope of the project is to make AI accessible to businesses of all sizes, while allowing the people to earn money in exchange for their contribution and skill in building AI apps. Data providers, online workers, data scientists and businesses can join an entire AI production cycle that brings AI to real life.

A stronger AI production line powered by Blockchain

To achieve its vision, Dbrain leverages Blockchain to enable crowdworkers to do simple tasks on data labeling and validation. Following their contribution, they can earn cryptocurrency for their efforts. This way data scientists have the information they need to train neural networks and create AI apps, while businesses reduce costs and benefit from a simpler integration.

The solutions proposed address core pain points in AI, which are well-familiar to the Dbrain team. Founders have already launched several AI businesses, including a top-ranked Icon8 chatbot, solutions for industrial quality control, and, a B2B company in AI valued at $20 million USD in 2017.

Dmitry Matskevich, Dbrain founder and CEO, says that while creating previous AI solutions, they were trying to solve the problem of combining privacy and top-notch data mapping in different ways. After realizing that almost any approach would imply transferring the data to a third party, Blockchain technology seemed like a much more scalable alternative.

The Dbrain platform works on the Ethereum network and relies on smart contracts. It uses Blockchain protocols and deals with fundamental AI development and adoption challenges, such as dataset quality, trust and security, and infrastructure costs.

A crowdsourcing network for the people

On its path to develop AI apps, Dbrain aims to create a crowdsourcing network first. By creating an ecosystem that reduces the resources in completing tasks, the end goal is to bring down developers’ and data scientists’ efforts regardless of dataset size. The platform aims to fulfil its vision through SPOCK, a protocol that automatically validates data quality and guarantees real-time, fair and transparent billing to workers and task requesters.

Sharing critical information with third parties creates challenges. To prevent leaks, protect client’s interests and store future revenues of data owners, Dbrain leverages the PICARD protocol. Downloading datasets will no longer be required as data scientists can train their neural networks and sell AI solutions later on to their business partners safely and securely.

Furthermore, the Dbrain platform provides user-friendly labeling tools to crowdworkers based on mobile and web apps, as well as a Telegram chatbot, streamlining AI deployment without adding infrastructure costs.

New job opportunities for the unbanked

There are 2 billion people around the world without a bank account. Many can’t afford one due to high banking fees. Others do not see banks suitable for their financial needs — which means they are unable to contribute to the economic growth of their country. Blockchain technology may be a solution because it fosters financial freedom in a transparent, scalable and efficient manner.

Using Blockchain, these 2 billion unbanked could be entitled to a legitimate digital identity. Dbrain is connecting the growing demand of AI on labeled data with the vast global supply of eager online freelancers. By leveraging the platform’s internal currency, the Dbraincoin, crowdworkers can get paid instantly in Crypto and withdraw their earnings in ETH anytime with a single click.

In terms of solutions, Dbrain core technologies have already proven their value to clients across various industries, including fintech (Micromoney, Chronobank), Internet of Things (Maeco), travel (Finalprice), and e-commerce (Proskater, Kupivip, Carprice).