A Blockchain AI Doctor for Every Person

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Through the use of two revolutionary and groundbreaking technologies, that of the Blockchain and deep machine learning, Doc.ai is hoping to bring Artificial Intelligent medical knowledge to people’s smartphones.

The global medical industry is gigantic, yet it is inefficient in its availability to patients. However, through Doc.ai’s platform, the belief is that users of the technology will be able to have natural language conversations with their AI doctors on their smart devices about their personalised medical issues.

“We do not want to replace the doctor, we want to replace the patient because we realize we want to be replaced with better versions of ourselves.  And we have found many doctors who also want to be upgraded in the same way.” says Walter De Brouwer, founder and chief executive officer of doc.ai”.

Datasets collected will be auditable on the Blockchain and will help in training the AI to be able to learn and adapt to individual’s needs and requirements.

A coming together of Blockchain Technology and Artificial Intelligence

The medical space is so broad and all-encompassing that there are simply not enough professionals to tend to the needs of patients across the globe. There is a shortage of over seven million physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals worldwide, and the gap is widening, according to the World Health Organization.

By introducing AI, the strain of such a shortage can be lessened, and by placing this model on the blockchain, the two technologies can converge to solve the problem.  

Doc.ai’s team believes that by amalgamating the two technologies, Blockchain and deep machine learning, users can pose medical questions to their AI doctors and receive personalised and relevant advice.

It is through the Blockchain that these responses will be formulated as the collection of data on the blockchain will give the machine learning a massive set of information to source solutions from.

“We envision extensive possibilities for the use of this technology by doctors, patients, and medical institutions," commented Walter De Brouwer, founder and chief executive officer of doc.ai”.

In essence, the coordinates of datasets that are placed on the Blockchain by people across the globe is accessible by the AI in order to find patterns and clusters for certain conditions.

Doc.ai's AI technology is designed to use a decentralized, edge-learning network to develop insights based on personal data. An edge-learning network performs deep learning computations at the edge of the network or on a mobile device.

Learning for a prize

In the NEURON Network, users will be incentivised with tokens in order to train up their AI by pushing deep learning to edge devices, such as smartphones.

Providing additional data for the global NEURON Network will result in additional tokens, but furthermore, there will even be competitions that broadcast proposals for data scientists to try and find patterns, claims Doc.ai. First users will be guided to collect uniform data sets and then these datasets can be mined by data scientists to provide actionable insights that lead to behavior change.  According to doc.ai the future of medical data science is the behavioral change.

Opening the medical realm

Doc.ai believes their platform can open the world of medical care to millions who were unable to access it before.

This platform could have potential world-altering repercussions for patients who struggle with chronic diseases as their first point of call need no longer be a human doctor, with the additional costs and waiting time, they can simply refer to their smartphone for the personalised and calculated answers and create a curated, triage queue for carbon-based doctors.

Investor support

Pantera Capital and Anthony Di Iorio are among the early investors into Doc.ai, and Joey Krug, Pantera’s Co-CIO serves as an advisor to the company. Anthony Di Iorio is especially appreciative of the potential of the project, commenting “I am amazed by the potential that doc.ai technology has for millions of people all over the world and possible network effects of the NRN token".

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