Black Monday Has Already Claimed a Few Casualties. Who’s Next?

Last year, there were eight head coach openings when the dust finally settled. So far, there are only four.
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December 30, 2019 6:47 PM UTC
  • Surviving Black Monday is a right of passage for NFL coaches and general managers, but not one that some make it past.
  • Two head coaches and one general manager have already lost their jobs. Who’s next?
  • Jason Garrett is the obvious choice, but Jerry Jones has yet to pull the trigger.

For football coaches, the pinnacle of the profession is the NFL. But there is a problem inherent with coaching in the NFL—there is no job security, especially if you don’t make the playoffs every year. For those that did not make the postseason, today – Black Monday – is potentially a very bad day.

Teams looking to make a change will fire their current head coach and/or general manager as soon as the regular season ends. Some do it within hours, as the Cleveland Browns did with Freddie Kitchens (and his infamous t-shirt). Most wait until the day after to do it – like Washington did with Bruce Allen and the Giants did with Pat Shurmur.

Hence, the name ‘Black Monday.’ So, the question now is, who will be the next to go?

Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys

Jason Garrett is the obvious choice. Jerry Jones has stunningly given him a decade to get it right, but Garrett has succeeded in turning the Cowboys into the definition of mediocrity. This year was supposed to be a ‘prove it’ year for Garrett. But he did not prove anything with another 8-8 year.

Of course, it would be just like Jerry Jones to retain Garrett for another year just because the world is telling him to fire Garrett. It would be his way of reminding the world he is the one that makes all team decisions.

On the off chance he keeps Garrett and the team makes a Super Bowl run next season, Jones would be the first to remind the world he (Jones) is a football genius.

Following Sunday’s win over the Redskins, Jones was noncommittal about Garrett’s future with the team.

Doug Marrone, Jacksonville Jaguars

Rumors began to circulate about what the future holds for Marrone in Jacksonville, Fla. Saturday night. From what some NFL insiders were hearing, it sounded like the ax was going to fall following Sunday’s game against the Colts.

But then other rumors circulated that made it sound like no decision has been made on Marrone, yet. Marrone had one good year in 2017 when everything went right. But then the wheels fell off last season and they just couldn’t get them back on this year.

With all the issues they had with Tom Coughlin, it may be best to clean house and get rid of Marrone as well.

Other Possible Black Monday Casualties

It is not unusual for 4-6 head coaches to lose their jobs on or after Black Monday. Last year, there were eight head coach openings when the dust finally settled. So far, there are only four. There could still be more firings on the way.

Technically, interim head coaches Bill Callahan and Perry Fewell could be considered Black Monday victims. But interim coaches are just placeholders, anyway.

After the dreadful year that the Detroit Lions had, Matt Patricia could get fired. But earlier in the month, team owner Martha Ford said Patricia and GM Bob Quinn would be back next season.

Many expected the Atlanta Falcons to walk away from Dan Quinn, but it looks like the Falcons are bringing him and GM Thomas Dimitroff back.

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