Bittimaatti Bitcoin ATMs Reach 33% of Finland

October 5, 2014

On Friday Finland Bitcoin startup, Bittiraha announced additional deployments to their Bittimaatti Bitcoin ATM network.

Spanning five cities, Bittimaatti ATMs serve 1.8 of Finland’s 5.5 million citizens. Since announcing interest at finding new locations five months ago, Finnish Bitcoin ATM network Bittimaatti announced their sixth installation before the weekend began.

Bittimaatti ATMs accept Euros and give users the ability to buy bitcoins in three steps. Choose a language, hold your phone QR code up to the scanner and insert your bills. Unlike some ATMs you may have seen, this one does not require users to map out the veins in their hand before purchasing coins.

In addition, Bittiraha caps the buy price at the BitStamp price + 5%. ATMs do not offer selling services at this time and feature daily withdrawal limits.

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Bittimaatti ATMs are at the following locations:

Levykauppa Äx Helsinki Asematunneli

The first Bitcoin ATM in Finland is in the record shop Levykauppa Äx at the railway station tunnels!

Asema-aukio A, 00100 Helsinki

Ostosmarket Toivala

The second Bittimaatti in Finland is at Toivala Ostosmarket. Ostosmarket is a 15-minute drive away from Kuopio.

Vallantie 6, 70900 Toivala

Vegemesta Jyväskylä

Our third Bittimaatti was installed during the Bitcoin Tour 2014 to Vegemesta Jyväskylä.
Väinönkatu 28, 40100 Jyväskylä

GoFitness Helsinki Konala

Avoid downtown traffic jams and buy your coins from the ring! GoFitness resides in the crossing of Vihdintie and Ring 1 (Kehä 1).
Ruosilantie 2, 00390 Helsinki

Vegemesta Tampere

Tampere Bittimaatti is in Vegemesta, at downtown Tampere.
Puutarhakatu 12, 30100 Tampere

ATK-Huoltopalvelu Turku

Turku Bittimaatti is located in downtown Turku at ATK-Huoltopalvelu.
Yliopistonkatu 26, 20100 Turku

Images from Bittimaati and Shutterstock.

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