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March 18, 2014 4:00 AM UTC

Bitrunner lets you find Bitcoins around the world

When you ask Bitcoin enthusiasts what their main interest is right now, they will most likely answer that they want to see Bitcoin go mainstream. In order to do this, people have been going out of their way to find ways to bring Bitcoin into…

Simon Forgacs has high expectations for Bitrunner, a videogame app that lets you gather Bitcoins.

When you ask Bitcoin enthusiasts what their main interest is right now, they will most likely answer that they want to see Bitcoin go mainstream. In order to do this, people have been going out of their way to find ways to bring Bitcoin into everyone’s everyday life. We’ve seen Bitcoin get accepted at major retailers, found Bitcoin ATM’s and even heard a Bitcoin song. Now, some programmers with a heart for the virtual currency, launched an Indiegogo campaign to gather funds for a Bitcoin videogame.

Find Bitcoins around the world

Bitrunner is an app that can help you to find and unearth hidden Bitcoins around the world. You will be able to play using your iPhone, Android phone, Google Glass or a drone. It boils down to you, exploring the world using any of said devices and digging up Bitcoins whenever you are able to find one. Let’s assume you’ll play using your smartphone. You’re walking in a city and suddenly your phone starts buzzing. It’s the Bitrunner app, sending you a message to let you know it found a Bitcoin close to your current location. You head over there and dig up the coin. Afterwards, you consult the app again to find the nearest Bitrunner Bank. These banks can be anywhere, and they’re ‘safe zones’. You can deposit or withdraw coins there and even trade them for other currencies.

If you read the part of the banks thoroughly, you’ll have noticed they are ‘safe zones’. This means that the Bitrunner world isn’t always a safe haven. While walking through it, there’s several traps your opponents may have set up. Explosive devices can get you killed, scattering all your Bitcoins around you. Since you are dead, you won’t be able to pick them up for some time, leaving all the coins you earned up for grabs. If you want your hard work to pay off, it’s recommended to store your coins in one of the Bitrunner Banks whenever you encounter one.

In-game store

The Bitrunner developers promise several other features. You’ll be able to choose your playing-style. It’s possible to roam the world as a loner, gathering all coins for yourself. You can also run around in groups, making the world a safer place but you’ll have to split up the coins you found with your friends. There will also be an in-game shop where you can buy all kinds of items that make the game easier. To buy these tools, you’ll visit a Bitrunner store.

A Bitrunner store is a virtual store located in a physical space. Depending on how convenient the store is, you may be able to get better or worse bargains on tools. Like banks, stores are a safe zone where no one can plant bombs so have no fear when you go buy your armor to protect you form the cruel world. Any earnings made through the virtual store will be used to ‘fund’ the game. This includes improving as well as placing coins into the world. Next to the virtual store, funding will also come from location based partners which include small businesses, franchises and government tourism agencies.

Experienced team

The app is being developed by a small team of which some have already earned some respect in the past years. Co-Founder of startup and winner of the Start-Up Chile Program, winner of the Bridge Budapest Fellowship, winner of the Website of the Year Award in Hungary, granted researcher at Kitchen Budapest New Media Lab are just a few of the accomplishments owned by some of the team’s members.

Whether this initiative will earn enough funding, is up to the community. Bitcoin needs to be as accessible as it can be towards common people. Because of that, making it ‘fun’ is a great idea. This game seems addictive if the developers can make it live up to expectations. If you want to make a donation, you can always do so at their Indiegogo page. We’re hoping to see more of these initiatives in the future. It’s a great way to get people acquainted with cryptocoins.

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