Accepts Bitcoin and Litecoin

February 22, 2014

UK online electronics store BitRoad accepts Bitcoin and Litecoin payments with plans to accept other altcoins soon.

BitRoad sells a range of electronic equipment ranging from smart phones to car systems, as well as security equipment and even baby monitors.

BTC payments are processed via BitPay and LTC payments via a “custom Beta processor”. Hold on a minute… a custom Beta processor? Isn’t that what Mt.Gox were using? I began reading with more concern and found this curious get-out clause on the ‘Payments’ page: BitRoad do not offer refunds due to price “volatility” but, thankfully, they do offer “a voucher for the same amount you payed.” [their spelling not ours]


“Wait, who are these people?” I wondered. Oh, not to worry: the About Us page promises ‘years of experience’ in e-commerce although it does mention that this is their first cryptocurrency website. And I like the fact that customer service is “not a problem”.

Delivery T&Cs

By far the most wordy aspect of the site is the Delivery page – the part where the goods you have paid for (and with no prospect of refund) must make their way to your location.

BitRoad reassures customers:

In the unlikely event of delivery issues (less than 0.03%) we’ll take care of everything.

Even so, I would be careful of the Air Mail option, since delivery problems in this case could take more than 90 days:

It’s not very clear what my position as a customer will be ‘after a long time’. Is that 30 or 90 days’ wait. After the deadline?

Lastly, be mindful of the refund conditions with deliveries, specifically:


BitRoad has a good product offering at reasonable prices. Some issues include the frequent spelling mistakes and over-emphasis of the delivery aspect of their business. Contradictions as to how and where the customer has any recourse – should things go wrong (as they inevitably do with delivery) – leaves one with concerns about initiating an order. Actual experience, by successful order but failed delivery, may show what BitRoad’s true customer service policy is.

Good luck to another Bitcoin business and we hope you do the community proud.

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Venzen Khaosan @venzen

Market analyst and Open source developer with a keen interest in blockchain technology, consensus mechanisms and the decentralizing effect. He has found a solution to the PKI mechanism. Email me to discuss.